Bluetooth audio adapter

With the new Bluetooth Audio Adapter from Logitech, you’ll be able to convert any powered speakers, like PC speakers, home stereo systems, or A/V receivers, into Bluetooth-enabled speakers.  You can pair the adapter with both your smart phone and a tablet and stream music from one of them.  Once you’ve paired the adapter with a… Read More

Anybody with an older car can relate to this: You have a smartphone with all the latest Bluetooth connectivity, but your car stereo is still oh so 90s with its cassette and maybe CD player. No USB. No AUX port. Certainly no Bluetooth… until now. Ion has made it possible for any Bluetooth-enabled device to… Read More

My car doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, so I have to plug my iPod into the Apple-specific input jack in my car to listen to music through the car’s speakers.  If I had the Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit, I could add Bluetooth streaming and hands-free calling just by plugging into the 3.5mm audio jack… Read More

Do you have a favorite set of headphones or earphones, the ones you would love to take with you everywhere, the ones that are broken in just right, not only for your musical taste but also fit fantastically? Now don’t you wish those headphones or earphones were Bluetooth-enabled so you don’t have to carry your… Read More

The Adapt Bluetooth Headphone Adapter from Outdoor Tech is slightly misnamed.  It doesn’t just work with headphones and earbuds; it can work with any speakers or device with a 3.5mm audio-in jack.  When you use it with your headphones or earbuds, you’ll convert your standard headphones into Bluetooth gear.  Simply clip the Adapt to your… Read More

One of the few features Apple has yet to integrate into its iPods is the ability to stream audio wirelessly via bluetooth. With the large number of electronic devices and accessories either already available or coming on the market with built-in bluetooth, it seems like Apple should finally make it a reality. But until that magic moment, iBluon has created the TD02 (available through Brando), a small, lightweight Bluetooth audio transmitter engineered to connect to the iPod’s connector/sync port.