The GiBoard is designed to improve balance and prevent falls for people of all ages

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NEWS – Maintaining balance is crucial for overall health and mobility, especially as we age. The GiBoard, a modern slackline balance board, offers a unique and fun way to improve balance, coordination, and overall fitness for people of all ages, particularly older adults.

Why the GiBoard Stands Out

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The GiBoard is not just any balance board; it combines the principles of slacklining with the stability of a traditional balance trainer. It features a taut webbing suspended over a sturdy wooden plank. Unlike wobble boards, the GiBoard’s design keeps you close to the ground, reducing the risk of falls and making it suitable for beginners and older adults. The synthetic strap, which is 2 inches wide and over 41 inches long, provides a stable yet challenging surface to practice balance exercises.

Benefits for Older Adults

Maintaining good balance is crucial for older adults to prevent falls, which can lead to serious injuries like hip fractures and a loss of independence. The GiBoard offers a low-impact way to train balance, proprioception (body awareness), and core strength, contributing to better stability and mobility. Regular use can help improve posture, coordination, and overall fitness, allowing older adults to maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

Fun for the Whole Family

While the GiBoard is particularly beneficial for older adults, it’s also a low-impact fitness tool for people of all ages. Children can use it to develop balance, coordination, and motor skills through playful activities and games. Adults and athletes can incorporate the GiBoard into their workouts, practicing balance drills, core exercises, yoga, and even tricks inspired by skateboarding or slacklining. You can find more info about GiBoards at, and you can order one there or on Amazon, starting at $149.

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