‘Current’ research discovery could double the life of rechargeable batteries

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NEWS – Android Police reported on a study in the journal, ‘Advanced Energy Materials’, that a relatively simple change in how devices charge their lithium based batteries can effectively double the lifespan of their batteries.

Investigators from four institutions in Denmark and Germany tested various battery configurations with different chemistries and applied a novel charging method in comparison to traditional charging protocols. 

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Today, charging provides steady current over the charging time which eventually leads to the battery permanently reaching an 80% maximum capacity instead of its normal 100%. This decreased maximum battery capacity signals the battery’s end of life. 

The researchers discovered that by using ‘pulse current charging’, solids are less likely to form within the battery chemicals which leads to the lower capacity of the cells. These results have implications from the automotive industry to the EDC items in our pockets. 

Check the Android Police link for an excellent summary of the study, and the original article link if you’re a science nerd.

Manufacturers take note! 

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