Fiido’s new T2 Longtail Cargo eBike will let you carry all your gear up to 68 miles per charge!

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SPONSORED NEWS – Fiido, a leading innovator in electric mobility solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its newest addition to the eBike lineup, the Fiido T2 Longtail Cargo eBike.Understanding the diverse needs of riders in various scenarios, Fiido has developed this versatile eBike to meet the demands of different lifestyles and environments. Designed to revolutionize urban transportation and empower riders with exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility, the T2 sets a new standard in long-range cargo eBikes.

Unmatched Range and Power

The Fiido T2 boasts an astonishing ultra-long range of 110km, ensuring that riders can go the extra mile without worrying about battery life. Equipped with a UL2271-certified battery with a capacity of 998.4Wh, the T2 delivers long-lasting power and reliability. The robust 750W rear motor provides ample torque, propelling riders through various terrains and inclines effortlessly.

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Unparalleled Comfort and Handling

Fiido prioritizes rider comfort, and the T2 incorporates various features to enhance the riding experience. The alloy front suspension absorbs shocks and bumps, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. The one-piece-wheel fat-tire suspension further enhances stability and grip, allowing riders to tackle any road surface confidently. The velo saddle, adjustable handlebar, and comfortable handlebar cover offer personalized comfort for riders of all sizes.

Enhanced Safety and Stability

Safety is of utmost importance to Fiido, and the T2 is designed with advanced safety features to protect riders on their journeys. The 4-piston hydraulic brake system paired with the 230mm disc provides reliable and responsive braking power, ensuring quick stops when needed. The automatic illuminated brake taillight enhances visibility and alerts surrounding traffic, promoting safer riding conditions. The stable and strong full-support kickstand allows for convenient parking and loading of cargo.

Versatile and Functional Cargo Capacity

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With a maximum payload capacity of 200kg, the Fiido T2 ebike is a true workhorse that can accommodate various cargo needs. Whether transporting groceries, deliveries, or carrying equipment, the T2 offers exceptional versatility. The bike is designed to sync seamlessly with over 12 accessory choices, allowing users to customize their cargo setup to suit their specific requirements.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Fiido T2 Longtail Cargo eBike to the market,” said Keven, CTO at Fiido. “With its remarkable range, superior comfort, and versatile cargo capacity, the T2 sets a new standard in urban mobility. We believe it will empower riders, revolutionize transportation, and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

The Fiido T2 Longtail Cargo eBike currently has a $300 discount, bringing its price down to $1499. For more information, please visit

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About Fiido

Fiido is a reputable electric bicycle industry brand dedicated to providing stylish and affordable electric mobility solutions. With a focus on quality and design, Fiido aims to make electric transportation accessible to riders worldwide, offering a range of innovative and reliable eBike options. Fiido listens attentively and combines it with its creativity and supply chain expertise to create affordable products that mix artistry with practicality. This mission consistently pushes Fiido forward. Fiido’s dedication has led to rapid global growth, making them the fastest-growing e-bike team.

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