Gripy is like a PopSocket for your Kindle or iPad

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NEWS – If you read ebooks, comics, magazines, etc., with your Kindle e-reader or tablet, you have most likely experienced hand fatigue from gripping the device for an extended period of time. For phones, we have PopSockets, and now, for larger devices like Kindle and Kobo ebook readers, we have Gripy. Gripy is a grip for larger devices. Available for right-handers and left-handers, Gripy is specially designed to add support for your hand to hold the device without a “death grip” on it. You can grab one for $19.95 from

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5 thoughts on “Gripy is like a PopSocket for your Kindle or iPad”

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  2. This would work, but then it would have to be removed to slip the device into a case or sleeve for transport. I use a 10″ device as an e-reader and found that an elastic hand strap is much more functional as it can be left on when it’s put in the sleeve. Amazon has many different styles/brands but I’ve found the one with three attachment points the most stable.

      1. Oops. I got that wrong. However, in looking at their website I see it used only in portrait mode. Using it in landscape mode might be an issue for some.

  3. The ad on their site indicates itcan be used with many cases. If it’s the one I saw previously it appears to be spring-loaded. Have had it in my cart a couple of times – not sure which hand I would use most. Hoping for v2 where one would work for both left and right.

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