POWERΛDD PRO Laptop Power Bank review – Power from its bank without robbing yours

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REVIEW – The POWERΛDD PRO Laptop Power Bank was a reliable performer. Spoiler. But you won’t waste your time reading on to see what it can do and how it might be a useful tool to prevent dreaded dead devices.


What is it?

The POWERΛDD PRO Laptop Power Bank is a rechargeable, 100W, 20000mAh lithium ion, power bank for charging other devices.


What’s in the box?

  • POWERΛDD PRO Laptop Power Bank
  • Charging cable – USB-C to USB-C
  • Instructions


Hardware specs

  • 20000mAh capacity
  • 100W output, 65W input
  • Dual USB-C input/output ports
  • Supports PD 3.0, QC.4.0, SCP, fast charging protocols
  • USB-A output port
  • 4.72 x 2.36 x 3.54 inches
  • 1.06 pounds


Design and features


The POWERΛDD PRO Laptop Power Bank has 3 ports available. Two USB-C ports are both input output ports. Nice, because I don’t have to be careful of which one to use when I need to charge the POWERΛDD PRO. Both those ports deliver high speed, PD charging.

There are 4 small LEDs on the port end of the POWERΛDD PRO that indicate the level of power capacity in the unit. The LEDs illuminate when the unit is on, charging something, or when the POWERΛDD PRO is being charged. 4 illuminated LEDs means full power, 3 LEDs is 50%-75%, 2 LEDs is 25%-50% and one LED means 1%-25% power.

While there is a power-on / power-off button on the port side of the POWERΛDD PRO it didn’t usually seem necessary to use it. On one occasion a device I needed to charge didn’t make the unit power on and I pressed the button to start charging. A double-press turns off the POWERΛDD PRO, or it turns off automatically after 30-40 seconds when charging has stopped.

The POWERΛDD PRO can deliver a charge to devices while it is being charged itself. That is not a universal feature with power banks.


Out of the box, three of the four LED power capacity indicators illuminated when I turned on the POWERΛDD Power Bank. It only took about 40 minutes to fully charge the unit.



The POWERΛDD PRO Laptop Power Bank charged my Chromebook from 50% to full in 62 minutes. My laptop has a 11.25V, 42Wh, Lithium-ion battery. The POWERΛDD PRO dropped from 4 to 3 power capacity indicator LEDs in the process.

With a ‘normal’ power charger (not rated as a rapid charger), it took 5 hours to charge the POWERΛDD PRO from a level of one LED indicator to full. (Full power is indicated by 4 LEDs illuminated and not flashing.) When the POWERΛDD PRO is being charged the LEDs flash until the unit is fully charged.



These are pics from my battery app showing stats from charging my phone with the POWERΛDD PRO. Either of the USB-C ports charged my Pixel phone at ‘Fast charging’ speeds as indicated by the notification on the phone screen.


It goes without saying but the POWERΛDD PRO can charge more than laptops. Laptops require so much input power I’m sure that’s why POWERΛDD put ‘Laptop Charger’ in the name of this power bank.


What I like

  • Nice size and weight vs. capacity and output
  • Ease of use
  • Reasonably priced
  • It can deliver power while being charged.

What I’d change

  • I have no complaints or suggestions.


Final thoughts

The POWERΛDD PRO Laptop Power Bank is a nice size and capacity charger for a laptop, phone, headphone, earbud, smartwatch, or flashlight. Name another laptop size or smaller device you need to charge and I’ll bet it can handle it. The POWERΛDD PRO can be easily carried in anything but a pocket. At this price, I think it’s a great value.

Price: $57.99
Where to buy: Amazon (There is currently a $20 coupon)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by PowerΛdd

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