XPPen debuts industry’s first professional mobile drawing tablet – Magic Drawing Pad

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SPONSORED NEWS – Breaking creative boundaries and leading the future of digital art, XPPen’s ever-growing tech-in-design ecosystem invites you to unleash your creativity and take control of your art. Today XPPen, the world’s leading digital art innovation brand, officially launched the Magic Drawing Pad, introducing the industry’s first professional and mobile standalone drawing tablet. Coined “a magic studio on the go,” the new product breaks through multiple limitations of scenarios and devices, bringing users a novel cognitive experience of mobile creation and marking the advent of a new category in the field of digital drawing.

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As a leading brand in professional drawing and creative tools, XPPen has always been sensitive to market trends and user demands. With the improvement of public aesthetics and the explosive demand for mobile creation, XPPen has inspired a new category that allows users to create on the go. Combining its professional digital drawing technology with the R&D concept of “technology for all,” XPPen has brought consumers a professional drawing tablet that is portable, suitable for multi-scenario applications, and designed to meet a more diverse array of creative needs.

Leading an Exceptional Drawing Experience with X3 Pro Pencil and X-Paper Display

The brand-new Magic Drawing Pad is not just a drawing tablet, but also brings about a pioneering revolution in the digital creative field. By innovatively pairing the X3 Pro Pencil with the paper-like display X-Paper, it not only helps to unleash creative inspiration but also opens a new gateway to digital art, enabling free and unconstrained creativity. The comprehensive design makes the Magic Drawing Pad an ideal tool for digital art creators to wield as they wish.

Immersed in technological innovation, XPPen has dedicatedly crafted the X3 Pro Pencil, a passive electromagnetic stylus specifically designed for the Magic Drawing Pad. Powered by self-developedX3 Pro smart chip technology and the world’s first 16,384 ultra-sensitive pressure levels, the tablet offers users an unprecedented delicate, precise, and fluent creative experience. The stylus features dual shortcut buttons that allow seamless switching to eraser functions, making creation more efficient. Additionally, with a thin nib of only 1.65mm, X3 Pro Pencil offers exceptional precision for nuanced artwork, restoring the real touch of paper and pen and bringing every stroke to life.

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The professional paper-like display X-Paper stands out with its 3:2 aspect ratio large-format and 12.2-inch, offering a more expansive and immersive drawing experience. Crafted with professional AG etched technology to emulate the friction and resistance of premium paper, it creates an experience that captures the agility of paper drawing. With an impressive color gamut of up to 109% sRGB, it breathes vibrant colors into creations, offering creators a broader spectrum of color expression. Additionally, concerning eye comfort, X-Paper is TÜV Rheinland certified and enhanced with a 10-step soft light treatment, providing users with all-around vision protection. This ensures that long periods of creation are no longer a burden, achieving a comfortable and pleasurable digital art experience.

Illuminate Your Creativity Anytime, Anywhere

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With its portable design, the XPPen Magic Drawing Pad breaks the boundaries of location and environment, allowing users to capture and record inspiration whenever and wherever they may find it. With a slim profile of just 6.9mm and a weight of only 599g, the Magic Drawing Pad allows for a more flexible and convenient carry. It also comes with pre-installed professional drawing software, ibisPaint, and MedibangPaint, featuring no cables and no external connecting devices, allowing users to start their drawing journey the moment they get it. Notably, it features a powerful 256GB ROM, expandable up to 512GB, and is equipped with an 8000mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting creation without limitations. The drawing pad adopts the Android operating system, enabling users to install various apps to satisfy diverse drawing needs easily.

XPPen continues to cultivate the field of innovation and is committed to providing tools that combine professional drawing performance with ease of portability and versatility across multiple scenarios. XPPen’s latest generation of products not only meets the needs of daily drawing but also performs exceptionally in various scenarios, including note-taking and outdoor sketching. With its relentless pursuit of digital art, XPPen has created a new era of digital drawing tools to provide users with an ultimate drawing experience.

Pricing and Availability

The Magic Drawing Pad has been officially launched on January 22nd, priced at 499. Visit the XPPen Official Store at https://www.xp-pen.com/store/ to find more inspiration and join the mobile creation journey to enjoy a superior drawing experience.

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About XPPen

Originating in 2005, XPPen is now one of the top brands under HANVON UGEE, integrated with digital drawing products, content, and service as a globally notable digital brand of digital art innovation. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, XPPen boasts six overseas subsidiaries(branches) and more than 50 agents, covering over 130 countries and regions with its products. Through its progressive digital handwriting technology after more than 10 years of accumulation and innovation, XPPen believes that innovative, trendy, and leading products and ecosystem can bring more abundant visionary inspiration to the new generation of artists and enthusiasts, encouraging them to pursue dreams and realize their authentic self-expression courageously.

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