Oukitel RT7 Titan 10.1 inch Android 13 Rugged Tablet review

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Oukitel RT7 Tablet 15

REVIEW – Whenever I get the opportunity to take a look at a new smartphone or tablet, I am always up for the task. Much of the recording and broadcasting work that I do has remote process monitoring built in, so it is always nice to have a capable mobile device that has enough power and features and a build quality that can withstand the hectic and sometimes unforgiving production environment. I think this Oukitel RT7 Titan 10.1 inch Android 13 Rugged Tablet will be a good candidate. Let’s see!

What is it?

The Oukitel RT7 Titan 10.1 inch tablet comes with the Android 13 OS. It is rugged and waterproof, features a 32000mAh Battery, 8GB+256GB memory, dual SIM slots, and supports SD cards up to 1 TB.

What’s in the box?

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 2
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 3
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 4

  • 1 x Oukitel RT7 Titan 10.1 inch Android 13 Rugged Tablet
  • 1 x USB Data Cable
  • 1 x AC Adapter (Mine only came with the European AC Adapter)
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x Wrist Strap
  • 1 x Shoulder Strap
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Ejector Tool
  • 1 x Leather case

Hardware specs

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 26 1
Design and features
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 23
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 24
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 25
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 30

  • 32000mAh capacity (standby, talk, video, etc)
  • Performance of RT7 4G (gaming, multi-task running speed, video, etc)
  • 48MP triple camera experience
  • Water resistance, dust resistance feature (IP68 and IP69K, MIL-STD-810H certifications)
  • HDMI function (bring an immersive visual experience via a projector)

The Oukitel RT7 Titan Rugged Tablet is a solidly built tablet that is wrapped in a rubber/ABS case that has built-in female screws on the back to accommodate a hand strap or an aluminum stand. There are cameras on the top back and front, a USB-C and HDMI port on one side with covers, and the power button and volume buttons on the other side. On the top edge, there are the SIM/TF card slots. There is scratch-resistant glass on the front.

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 1
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 5
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 21
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 6
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 7


Setting up the Oukitel RT7 Titan is no different than setting up any other tablet with the Android OS. The process was straightforward. The following are a few screenshots from my process:

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 8
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 9
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 10
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 11


I have tested several Android tablets, and IMHO, the Oukitel RT7 Titan tablet is a beast both in design and performance. This tablet feels solid in my hands, and the ability to add a hand strap or a stand with or without a shoulder strap allows me to take it everywhere with me and never worry about dropping it, albeit that it would likely withstand numerous reasonable drops. The aluminum stand is strong and stiff enough to stay in place at whatever angle you extend it.

This tablet performs well for every task I have tried, from regular daily tasks like surfing the web, reading emails, and using basic apps, to watching videos both on YouTube or from an SD Card. The speakers are quite loud and could be the loudest that I have heard on a tablet this size. I was not able to test it using a SIM card since I do not have one available at the moment (Using the SIM Card from my phone in a device such as a tablet always seems to create a nightmare with my carrier and a mess when trying to return it to my phone). I did connect it to my mobile hotspot for internet access.

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 12
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 13
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 14

One function that I like is the memory expansion function that allows you to double the amount of memory used for ROM but using storage memory:

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 27
While I do not use a tablet for taking photos, this tablet can be used in various types of industries to be an all-rounder including taking photos. Here are some samples:

This photo below was taken through a dirty window 12 stories high:

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 22

This next photo was taken on a dark and foggy night and without using the flash:

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 28
Here is a similar shot using the infrared function:

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 29
One other feature I must mention that I love is the ability to use the HDMI port to extend the tablet to a large monitor. This works for many use scenarios, including small group instruction, etc.

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 16
I also used GeekBench 6 to run some simple benchmark tests. Here are the results:

Oukitel RT7 Tablet 31
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 33
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 32
Oukitel RT7 Tablet 34

What I like

  • Amazing build quality
  • Speed and performance
  • Good connectivity options
  • Good carrying options
  • The option to add storage and a 4G SIM card (also a 5G version is available)
  • The massive battery and the length of remaining charge
  • The memory expansion function

What I’d change

  • No complaints

Final thoughts

The Oukitel RT7 Titan Android 13 Rugged Tablet is, in my opinion, one of the better Android tablets on the market in its size and spec range and certainly the best Android tablet that I have tested so far. It feels so solid, and its performance feels so capable. The battery is just crazy, and the cameras are really capable. Overall, just very well done.

Price: $399.00 (4G version) $589.00 (5G version) – Discounts on page lower the price
Where to buy: Oukitel website
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Oukitel.

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