Typhur Sous Vide Station review – Sous vide made easy enough for anyone!

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REVIEW – If you haven’t tried out sous vide cooking yet, I highly recommend exploring it! We have had a cheap sous vide cooker for years that we used attached to a large square food storage container and have cooked everything from roasts to seafood, and of course steaks. The resulting meal is almost always better than any other cooking method (for example, you can get steaks to a perfectly warm/hot center without toughening the meat, and then flash sear the outsides and serve, it’s delightful). However, our cheap old sous vide device was on its last legs when the offer came in to review the Typhur Sous Vide Station. At first glance, The Typhur system looked like it might be complex but I’m so glad I volunteered because the end result was anything but.

What is it?

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The Typhur Sous Vide Station is an all-in-one smart sous vide cooking station. Sous vide cooking involves immersing foods in sealed bags in temperature-controlled water. A good sous vide system will keep the temperature at exactly where you want it. The Typhur Sous Vide Station should not only do that basic function better than most due to its water circulation system design, but also includes a nice 12.3″ touchscreen. This screen can function as a simple control system for temperature and timer, but it also can feature recipe search and step-by-step instructions for the most popular sous vide foods. The Typhur Sous Vide Station also includes vacuum sealing bags and a handheld vacuum sealer, which is much easier than the previous vacuum sealing machine we had been using.

What’s in the box?

Typhur Sous Vide Station 25

  • Typhur Sous Vide Station (Circulator Tower, Sous Vide Container, Container Lid, Vacuum Sealer)
  • Snap weights x 2
  • Large Vacuum Bags x20
  • Small Vacuum Bags x20

Hardware specs

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  • Power: 1750 W
  • Flow rate: 4.8 L/minute
  • Temperature precision: +/- 0.05˚C (0.09˚F)
  • Temperature range: 0° – 90°C (32° – 194°F)
  • Weight (Tower+Sealer+Container): 9.25 kg (20.4 lbs)
  • Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • App (optional): Android and iOS
  • Container Material: PC
  • Size: Circulator Tower: 12.6in W x 4.7in D x 16.3in H,Sous Vide Container: Min Water Line: 90 mm; Max Water Line: 175 mm
  • Vacuum sealer charging: wireless
  • Sous Vide Container is dishwasher safe
  • Touchscreen: Size: 12.3 inch,Resolution: 1920 x 720p,Software System: custom Android
  • Warranty: 3 years

Design and features

Typhur Sous Vide Station 24

The Typhur Sous Vide Station consists of 3 main components: the circulator tower (with the touchscreen), the water container with lid, and the vacuum sealer. The sous video container is double-layered insulated, which retains heat better and even makes delayed cooking possible (you can load food into an ice bath with a delay so it stays cold all day, and then starts and cooks on a timer).

Typhur Sous Vide Station 18

The circulator tower has a 1750 watt heater inside that’s whisper quiet while in use. In the photo above, you can see the power button on the top of the screen. The vacuum sealer tool is magnetically attached to the side of the circulator tower (which also wirelessly charges it between uses).

Typhur Sous Vide Station 22

The finish on every part feels premium, as you’d expect in this price range.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 21

The part shown above is pressed down manually to seal the circulator tower to the container (and then the button on top releases it when you’re finished).

Typhur Sous Vide Station 19

The intake/outlet inside the container itself.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 11

The screen is a nice 12.3″ LCD touchscreen, which was snappy and responsive. You can adjust brightness and volume, and it’s easy to see from any angle.


Setup was quite easy: you’re prompted to connect the Typhur Sous Vide Station to WiFi (2.4 or 5 Ghz), and then I was prompted to update to the latest firmware. Connecting to a mobile device via app is optional, but I did it to monitor temperatures and be notified when cooking is complete on my phone wherever I am. Setup photos and app screenshots are below (you can click on any for larger versions):


The touchscreen interface is remarkably easy if you want to just manually control your sous vide cooking. You can choose a temperature and a timer (and then adjust either on the fly later on if needed either on the touchscreen or through the app).

I decided to test the Typhur Sous Vide Station with a salmon recipe first – one of my favorite sous vide foods. I searched for a salmon recipe on the touchscreen, and it returned several results which, at first glance, seemed to have quite a few duplicate pairs of recipes. I quickly found out that these were French and English versions of some recipes, though it’s not obvious which is which until you select it.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 09

The recipe I tried included short videos showing each step.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 08

I especially like the option to tailor the meat preparation, as shown above. Having cooked sous vide salmon many times, I know that 130+ F results in a texture similar to grilled/baked/pan-fried salmon. I prefer the “tender with hot center” option, so that’s how I did it.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 07

I seasoned and loaded the salmon fillets into one of the 40 provided vacuum seal bags (which appear to be reusable as well). The large black circle is the vacuum sealer interface.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 06

The vacuum sealer tool quickly sucked the excess air out of the bag, as good or better than our usual dedicated vacuum sealer that we previously used.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 03

If you’re cooking multiple bags, they can be inserted vertically using hooks on the bags, and the two provided clip on weights keep the bag fully submerged. As the salmon cooked for nearly an hour I completely forgot about it and did other things. A nice thing about sous vide cooking is that even if you miss a timer by a bit it takes quite a while for the food to be affected (if I’d missed the timer by 15 minutes I bet it would have tasted no different, at 30 it might be a bit flakier). When the timer went off, I followed instructions to pull the salmon fillets out and pat them dry with paper towels. This was the most difficult part, as the fillets were very easy to flake apart.

Typhur Sous Vide Station 01

After drying and a quick pan sear (just a minute on each side in a bit of oil), the end result rivaled any salmon I’ve had at any restaurant. Fall-apart flakes that melt in your mouth, with seasoning and butter infused into every bit of the meat, it was just delightful. The whole process would have been easy even if I’d never cooked salmon: every step had clear directions, helpful videos, and useful timers (that even alerted on my phone through the app).

What I like

  • Easy to set up and use
  • High quality components and materials
  • Everything you need included – sealer, container, bags
  • 3 year warranty usually means higher quality internal components

What I’d change

  • High price is a hurdle for sous vide newcomers, but anyone serious about their home-cooked cuisine should consider a nice sous vide setup!

Final thoughts

Sous vide cooking is something I’d previously only recommended to serious (and aspiring) home chefs since it usually takes quite a bit of gear to gather and time commitments to add to your cooking cycle, but Typhur has made it easy for anyone to make gourmet meals at home with their all in one Sous Vide Station. I’m excited to turn a cheap roast into “almost-prime-rib” through a 24 hour low temp sous vide during the holidays (this is something we’ve done in the past and it’s been incredible at a fraction of the cost of buying prime rib at a restaurant). Steaks are great when cooked via sous vide (it’s the only way I can get a reliable medium or medium-rare that has a good sear – every other method gets the inside overdone for me, I’m not an expert grillmaster). Even vegetables and potatoes turn out amazing with the right recipe, which I’m excited to explore both in Typhur’s curated recipe list as well as on my own.

Price: $1,199
Where to buy: Typhur
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Typhur

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