Antdesign E-One EDC multi-tool review

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REVIEW – When EDC fans think about multi-tools, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a Leatherman, Gerber, or SOG multi-tool that unfolds into a pair of pliers with other tools in each of the handles. Today I want to talk about a different kind of multi-tool. The Antdesign E-One EDC multi-tool. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The Antdesign E-One is a pocket-sized EDC multi-tool made of titanium that can be used for tasks.

What’s in the box?

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  • Antdesign E-One multi-tool
  • Antdesign Q1 quick-release connector (separate purchase / not included with the E-One multi-tool)

Design and features

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The Antdesign E-One EDC multi-tool is made of titanium grade 5 (also available in a brass version) with the dimensions of 3.58 x 0.697 x 0.354 x inch (91 x 17.7 x 9 mm).

You’ll find a pry bar, a 1/4 inch magnetic bit socket, a nail file, a bottle opener, and a 4cm ruler on one side of the E-One.

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The Antdesign E-One also has a pocket clip on the edge. The clip is very stiff without much flex. The interesting thing about the pocket clip is that you can move it to the side of the tool.

The clip is removable. All you need to do is to unscrew the small screw and then move the clip to the side where there’s another threaded socket on the ruled side. You can also notice a small slot at the bottom of the pocket clip. You can add a tritium vial here (sold separately).

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Another really cool feature of this multi-tool is a storage slot for a 1/4 bit on the edge of the tool. The slot has a cover with a sliding lock.

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When you slide open the lock, the cover pops open with the bit. The cover is magnetized so that the bit is attached to it when the cover pops open.

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The Antdesign E-One multi-tool has two-bit sockets. There’s one socket on the side shown above. When used in this socket, you get a little extra torque. In the image above, you will also notice the pry tool with a sharp tapered edge, which is great for tasks like opening paint can lids, boxes, etc.

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There’s another bit socket on the back end of the tool.

Grips for using the bits. I used the Antdesign E-One multi-tool to loosen and tighten various screws around my house and found that this tool is fine for light-duty jobs, but I wouldn’t want to use it as my only screwdriver due to the flat sides that dig into your hand.

Carrying the Antdesign E-One multi-tool

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You can clip the E-One to your pocket or you can attach the Antdesign Q1 quick-release clip to it for even more carry options. The Antdesign Q1 quick-release magnetic clip is a two-piece clip made of either brass, aluminum, or titanium and is available in 5 colors.

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It features a spring-loaded collar that, when pulled down, will allow the pieces to separate.

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Releasing and reconnecting the two pieces have a satisfying snap that almost turns the Q1 into a fidget toy. It’s almost irresistible not to play with it. Included with each Q1 are two split rings so that you can attach the Q1 to a keychain and a tool.

What I like

  • Well made
  • Simple but functional
  • Ability to change pocket clip locations

What I’d change

  • Create one with a US measurement rule

Final thoughts

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If a miniature prybar has been on your EDC want list for a while, consider the Antdesign E-One multi-tool. It’s well made, and in addition to a pry tool, it will pop the cap off a beer, open boxes, and with the included 1/4in bit, it can function as a light-duty screwdriver that you can add to your EDC gear collection.

Price: $44.00 – $59.00 (E-One multi-tool), $9.90 – $19.90 (Q1 quick-release clip)
Where to buy: Antdesign
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Antdesign.

3 thoughts on “Antdesign E-One EDC multi-tool review”

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  2. I am simply amazed at the number of bottle openers that are incorporated into edc. I don’t drink anymore but I drink a lot of beer at one time, and never did I feel that I needed a bottle opener to carry around, because anyone who drinks a lot of beer knows that just about anything can be a damn bottle opener. And as such these things are useless. There is not a single EDC out there that has a bottle opener built into it that I want. It’s like saying here’s a knife that’s also a abacus. Guess what, I don’t need one of those either.

    1. It’s like saying here’s a knife that’s also a abacus.

      Thank you for my first smile of the day! I don’t drink either and would rather have a more useful feature than a bottle opener too. Sometimes I think it’s an inside joke that there’s always a bottle opener on a multi-tool. I guess we’ll all be wanting one though if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse and we need to pop the cap off a YooHoo!

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