AiDot Enhulk 930 Leaf Blower review – all that power!

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REVIEW – I already have a leaf blower.  It’s a 700 CFM blower from Kobalt, and I like it.  It does, however, have a fatal flaw:  It requires an extension cord for power.  It’s forever getting caught on things in my garage or stuck under one of the tires on my car.  It’s not even useful in my backyard, which is too big for an extension cord.  What I need is a powerful leaf blower that uses a battery.  I got everything I wanted in AiDot’s newest leaf blower, the Enhulk 930.

What is it?

The AiDot Enhulk 930 (model LBL1493J) is a cordless, brushless leaf blower powered by a 5Ah 58V battery.  AiDot is a smart home company, and Enhulk is their tool brand.

What’s in the box?

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  • AiDot Enhulk 930 Leaf Blower
  • Three nozzles
  • Battery with charger
  • Manuals


  • Battery:  58V, 5Ah
  • Airflow:  930 CFM, 200 MPH
  • Runtime:  120 min (low), 20 (high), 15 (turbo)
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • Length: 41 inches

Design and features

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The design of the AiDot Enhulk 930 Leaf Blower is pretty standard for a handheld leaf blower.  The main body houses the motor and the fan; there’s a huge handle on top and a bright red base underneath.  The battery hangs out the back, while the blower and the nozzle come off the front.  Despite the name, Enhulk, this blower doesn’t come in any shade of monster green; instead, it’s colored with grays and blacks and a few red highlights.  It’s a practical design that I’m very comfortable with.

Installation and setup

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I removed everything from the box, but I honestly didn’t bother to read the manual, as it’s so simple to assemble.

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I plugged the battery into the charger, and it began flashing green to indicate that it was charging.  It turned solid green it was done.  I did check the manual to find that it can take up to 140 min to fully charge.

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I snapped the nozzle onto the blower and that onto the body.  There were no problems putting it all together.

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Once the battery was fully charged, I slipped into the mounting slot and pushed firmly until it clicked.  This blower was ready to go.


I took the AiDot Enhulk 930 Leaf Blower out into my backyard for a test.  A few years back, I planted a row of trees along the back of our yard, and they are finally big enough to start dropping leaves.  The Enhulk made short work of them.  This is a big and heavy leaf blower, and it has all the power I could ever want.  This does come at the cost of noise.  Although AiDot claims that it has a “low noise design,” ear protection is a good idea when using it for a long period of time.

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AiDot has added a hook on the left side for a strap to help with weight, but this model doesn’t come with a strap; I couldn’t find one on their website either.  If the 930 is a bit heavy for you, a strap could be handy.

The 930 is designed so that when I hold the handle, it naturally points downward towards the grass.  I appreciate this, as it reduces the stress of trying hold this big gadget in place.

The trigger of the Enhulk provides variable speed control; that is, just like a drill, the harder I squeeze it, the faster it blows.  This is a nice feature that allows me to blow air more gently in places like my back porch where I don’t need full power.

The AiDot Enhulk 930 Leaf Blower comes with three different nozzles.  The AiDot website describes each:

  • The siphon nozzle can increase the air volume.
  • The tapered nozzle can increase the airspeed.
  • The spread nozzle can enhance the efficiency.

I only used the tapered nozzle, and it worked great for the heavier leaves in my yard.

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There are two buttons above the handle.  Normally, I have to hold the trigger in order for the blower to keep blowing.  If I press the Cruise Control button, however, it will lock my speed into place, and I can let go of the trigger.  That’s convenient.  The Turbo button is my favorite feature.  When pressed, it provides even more power and blows the leaves that much farther.  This is great when my pile starts to get too big, and even high speed isn’t moving too many leaves.

Here’s a short video that I made showing the Enhulk 930 in action:

The AiDot website says that it should run for 20 minutes on high, but I think this is a conservative estimate.  I used it on high for over 20 minutes in my yard, it was only down to half capacity.

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The battery for the AiDot Enhulk 930 Leaf Blower is seriously large, much bigger than most of the batteries that I own for power and yard tools.  Sadly, I could not find a place to purchase a second battery on AiDot’s website.

What I like

  • Powerful leaf blower
  • Turbo mode!
  • Downward pointing design

What I’d change

  • Add a strap and spare batteries to the website.

Final thoughts

I love the AiDot Enhulk 930 Leaf Blower.  It’s everything I was looking for:  plenty of power, good runtime for my yard, and an easy-to-use design.  The 930 is large and loud, so it’s not for everyone; however, I am super happy with this gadget.  I look forward to many years of cleaning out my garage and blowing leaves in my yard without having to worry about extension cords.

Price: $299.99
Where to buy: AiDot’s online store and Amazon (save $110 with coupon code: enhulk9d expires 12/25/2023)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by AiDot.

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