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SPONSORED NEWS – For the past four years, Hiboy has dedicated its efforts to crafting practical and affordable electric mobility solutions. With a focus on safety and affordability, the company aims to provide accessible transportation alternatives, steering away from expensive and high-maintenance vehicles. Hiboy emphasizes diverse designs tailored to various riding preferences, crafting reliable electric transportation products to enhance the convenience and enjoyment of everyday commuting.

As an advocate for personal short-distance transportation, Hiboy continually strives to innovate and deliver budget-friendly electric scooters and bikes that incorporate the latest advancements. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to offering intelligent mobility solutions, catering to modern commuting needs.

Electric scooters are a rage nowadays due to their environment-friendly features. They are versatile, fast, light, and portable and have varying specifications. Besides being safe, electric scooters and bikes are generally reliable, convenient, and easy to use with low operating costs.

Here’s a complete list of the diverse range of Hiboy’s product offerings to meet your needs. Hiboy has a specific product to suit the styles of each rider for all age groups: kids, young, teens, and adults. Explore the broad product categories and learn the unique offerings and advantages to pick your style ASAP.

Hiboy Product Categories

We have organized the various product categories and offerings to let you easily find your choice. Each category has listed the potential products with distinct features and specs to give an overview of their offerings.

Entry-Level Electric Scooters

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Hiboy has introduced three entry-level electric scooters for beginners to ride joyfully and roam the city streets in style.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter (Seat Available): The Hiboy S2 electric scooter boasts high speed and long-range capabilities with compact foldability to collapse it up and bring it along wherever one goes. Due to its outstanding performance, design, and affordable price, the S2 is among Hiboy’s best-selling products, adored by young adults and students alike.

Hiboy KS4 (Seat Available): KS4’s sleek design and safety is paramount with its integrated braking system. It offers an impressive 17-mile range, powered by a 350W motor and puncture-proof honeycomb tires.

Middle-Level E-scooters

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Hiboy S2 Pro (Seat Available): With sturdy construction features, it has an impressive battery that can go up to 25 miles on one charge at 19 mph speed and dual brakes for additional safety.

Hiboy KS4 Pro (Seat Available): It offers an extended 25-mile range with large 10-inch honeycomb tires, a 500W motor, a double braking system, a foldable design, and a Bluetooth security lock to keep your premium electric scooter safe.

Hiboy S2R Plus: It is an affordable e-scooter with a 22-mile range, a 4.8-lb removable battery, a theft-deterrent design, and 9-inch air-filled tires. Hiboy S2R Plus also boasts a lightweight design, ensuring effortless storage and portability, making navigating through congested urban streets a breeze. Its compact build allows for easy carrying and seamless maneuverability, catering to the demands of city commuting.

High Performance Electric Scooters

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Hiboy MAX Pro Electric Scooter (Seat Available): The Hiboy MAX Pro electric scooter has 11-inch pneumatic tires with speeds of up to 22 mph to make your daily commute even more effortless. Meanwhile, this is currently Hiboy’s model with the longest range, reaching up to 46.6 miles on a single charge.
Hiboy S2 MAX Electric Scooter (Seat Available): It is an upgrade from the S2 Pro with a 48V 11.6Ah battery to travel up to 40 miles. It has three-speed modes desired to go for long-range commuter scooters and features an extended standing deck, enhancing both comfort and safety during your rides.

Hiboy ECOM 14 (Seat Available): The Hiboy ECOM 14 is an eco-friendly fat tire electric scooter with a detachable seat, 450W motor, and a top seed of 22 MPH. Ecom14 offers versatile detachable baskets for conveniently transporting groceries, books, or belongings. Easily foldable and detachable, these 14x10x7.8-inch baskets can be effortlessly attached or removed using a simple hook mechanism, providing hassle-free storage and practicality for everyday errands.

Hiboy VE1 Pro: The Hiboy VE1 Pro electric scooter has large 16-inch wheels with a broad standing base and a 23 MPH max speed. It boasts a 31-mile max range suitable for advanced committee and play. The VE1 Pro is Hiboy’s fastest electric scooter while maintaining a weight of just 48.94 lbs. Its blend of portability and speed ensures effortless travel without compromising convenience.

E-Scooter for Teens

Hiboy S2 Lite: The Hiboy S2 Lite electric scooter is a vibrant commuter for teens, available in three colors, is ideal for teens. Weighing just 21 lbs, it’s one of the lightest scooters, perfect for school runs or hanging out with friends. Its LED display, stylish lights, and cruise control offer premium features. With a top speed of 13 mph and a 10.6-mile range, all at $299.99, the S2 Lite is a top choice for teens.

E-Bike For Kids

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Hiboy DK1 Electric Dirt Bike (For 3-10 Year Old Kids): Equipped with a high-strength shock-absorbing spring, which has a super shock-absorbing capacity and no noise while driving. Provides you great performance with 3-speed modes and up to 13.7 miles long-range with a rechargeable 36V sealed lithium battery system in all scenarios.

Hiboy BK1 Electric Dirt Balance Bike: Hiboy BK1 for the youngest riders from 2 to 5 years old, under 77 lbs, with comfortable balancing or riding on two wheels, and the need for a larger platform to practice their skills. When they’re ready to move on to their next bike, the BK1 electric balance bike for toddlers will help them develop confidence and skills for that next stage.

Featured Products

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Find the featured products inside each category that stand out, each with unique features, key specifications, and brief descriptions.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter: It is a foldable and portable daily commuter ideal for adults looking for convenient transport options. Boasting high speed and long-range capabilities, riders won’t have difficulty zipping through cities quickly or embarking on exciting adventures with the Hiboy S2 electric scooter. Plus, its compact foldability makes it convenient to carry wherever you go – simply collapse it up and bring it along.

Hiboy S2R Plus: The Hiboy S2R Plus is an affordable electric scooter with a 22-mile range, a 4.8lb removable battery for secure charging, theft-deterrent design, 9-inch air-filled tires, and a lightweight 31.5lb frame. Zip through your day at 19mph, making it the ultimate compact choice!

Hiboy MAX Pro Electric Scooter: Hiboy MAX Pro is a high-performance electric scooter with 11-inch pneumatic tires for a comfortable ride. With speeds of up to 22 mph, it makes your daily commute even more accessible, and it’s enough for 46 miles on a single charge.

Hiboy ECOM 14: The Hiboy Ecom 14 electric scooter is the first height-adjustable e-scooter that comes with a detachable seat and even a removable basket! Its 450W motor makes a top speed of 22 mph. With the 14-inch big wheels, it makes handling 15-degree hills with ease. It also offers a large 10Ah high-efficiency lithium-ion battery that lasts 30 miles and is perfect for short to medium commutes.

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Hiboy stresses the unique value with its comprehensive product range and supreme electric scooters to elevate mobility and convenience. It has ignited the joy of riding in kids, young, and adults to travel and shop effortlessly and smoothly, even in the busy streets.

Hiboy’s diverse product range adeptly addresses various customer demands, from daily commuting to recreational experiences. Riders can even creatively mix and match products to craft personalized solutions.

Price Guarantee

With hiboy.com, all customers can avail of the limited-time lowest price guarantee during the promotional period from November 6th to December 27th, with a 30-day return from delivery. All the products are covered under a 1-year warranty and have a free shipping facility. The company is also running BFCM Deals and up to 50% off. With the Black Friday Sale, customers can get $200 off on $3000+ orders.

(Note: Our unique “Low Price Guarantee” ensures that between November 6 and December 27, if you find that the price of any product on the hiboy.com website has become lower, you can contact us at [email protected] to claim the difference. We are committed to providing you with the best value for your money, even after your purchase.)

Call to Action

Explore the vast array of products on the Hiboy website and experience the simplicity of the shopping process. Hiboy offers 24 products for all age groups, including kids, teens, and adults. With the Black Friday sale, now is the perfect time to upgrade your riding experience, covering greater miles and a top speed of up to 32 mph. Visit the Hiboy official site to select electric scooters/bikes, electric skateboards, kids electric scooters/bikes, and off-road scooters for all your needs.

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