Carved Pocket Knife with Damascus steel blade review

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REVIEW – If you’ve been looking for a one of a kind pocket knife, the knives from Carved will give you choice overload with their awesome looking wood and resin knives that also feature a Damascus stainless steel blade. Let’s take look.

What is it?

The Carved pocket knife is a flipper pocket knife with a wood and resin scale (handle) and a Damascus stainless steel blade.

What’s in the box?

carved pocketknife 3

  • Carved pocket knife
  • Drawstring bag

Design and features

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If you like the looks of this Carved Pocket Knife and want one for yourself,  you are out of luck… sorry! That’s because each of these wood and resin knives from Carved are one of a kind knives that are designed and assembled in Indiana, which is also where I live.  These knives feature a combination of wood and resin designs that are just stunning.

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Each time you visit Carve’s website, you’ll be greeted with a variety of styles to choose from. If you snooze, you’ll lose because that style is gone once a knife is sold. As you can see from the screenshot above, you have different colors to choose from, as well as different types of wood. It’s also interesting that each knife is named. I wanted to find one named Julie, but no luck when I was shopping for the review sample. What is the name of my knife? I can’t even remember. Oops.

Carved also makes/sells wallets and other items using the same wood and resin designs.

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The fit and finish of this knife is superb. The wood and resin inset in the handle is cut to fit perfectly. It’s smooth and gorgeous.

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The only bummer is that the pretty insert is only on one side of the knife. The opposite side is plain titanium. Oh well…

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But there is a heavy-duty pocket clip that you can remove if you don’t want a clip. This clip is very rigid, and I can barely flex it.

carved pocketknife 12

On to the blade, which is made of stainless steel Damascus.

carved pocketknife 13

The blade is deployed with a flipper.

carved pocketknife 14

I don’t have the greatest hand strength in the world, and I didn’t have too much trouble deploying the blade with a downward press of my index finger on either hand.

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To close the knife, you’ll need to press the frame lock. I have a little more trouble with this than the flipper. For me, the frame lock is pretty stiff. But again, I don’t have the best hand strength, so I’m sure most people will have no trouble deploying and closing the blade. But back to the blade itself…

carved pocketknife 15

When deployed, the Carved Pocket Knife has a length of 7.13 inches; when closed, it is 4.13 inches long.

carved pocketknife 16

A closer look at the blade gives you a better look at the Damascus steel. If you’re unfamiliar with Damascus, it’s a very old manufacturing process involving a complex forging technique that layers and folds different types of iron and steel, resulting in a blade with a unique pattern. For this blade, I think it’s made of 440C stainless steel, but it’s tough to know for certain because the information isn’t listed on Carve’s site other than this sentence:

Carved Knives are hand forged, ground and sharpened Damascus Steel blades, matched with our one-of-a-kind Wood+Resin material that guarantees no one will have a knife like yours.

Carved got back to me with this answer:

our original knives were 440C (these were more of a field knife than a pocket knife), but the pocket knives are a blend of several types of steel.

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I can tell you that the blade looks cool and is sharp! I didn’t try to shave my arm hair with it because I don’t have any arm hair due to my cancer adventure. But I did a quick little video showing it slicing through paper.

See it in action

What I like

  • Unique one of a kind designs to choose from
  • Well made
  • Smooth flipper action
  • Sharp blade

What I’d change

  • It would be great to have the design on both handles

Final thoughts

carved pocketknife 2

For a unique one of a kind pocket knife, I really like this knife from Carved. I think it would make a nice gift for anyone who appreciates a unique knife. I don’t know if someone would want to use such a fancy looking knife as their EDC knife, but there are no rules against it.

Price: $99.00
Where to buy: Carved
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Carved.

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  2. I used one of their cell phone cases. It really is unique and novel but marginally worked with wireless charging. These knives look very interesting and the process for creating this uniqueness comes from their resin process. I’ll bet it’s as durable as my phone case was. And I’d be curious to know more about the blade steel (stainless Damascus is unusual)

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