Secretlab TITAN Evo Gaming Chair review – Way too good to be a secret

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REVIEW – Think about where you clock most of your hours. Sleep and work probably rank right up there. Your desk might be for work or gaming but either way it’s a lot of time sitting and in my opinion quality and good ergonomics are worth paying for. Secretlab’s TITAN Evo gaming chair recently arrived for review and has just rendered all other chairs obsolete as far as I’m concerned.

What is it?

The TITAN Evo is a gaming chair from Secretlab that uses custom materials, comes in sizes and just might be the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat in.

What’s in the box?


Not a small box. A team lift job.


Lots inside; all of which adds up to…

  • Secretlab TITAN Evo Gaming Chair
  • Magnetic Neck Pillow
  • Secretlab Screwdriver

Hardware specs

  • Proprietary ergonomic Pebble Seat Base
  • SECRETLAB Softweave™ Plus Fabric
  • SECRETLAB Neo™ Hybrid Leatherette
  • Patent-pending 4-way L-Adapt™ lumbar support system
  • Full-metal 4D armrests with Cloudswap™ replacement system
  • SECRETLAB Patent-pending Magnetic memory foam head pillow
  • Shorter Re-engineered class 4 hydraulics
  • NFC Anti-counterfeit tag
  • Patent-pending Cold-cure foam mix
  • Up to a 5-Year extended warranty
  • Full-legnth backrest with 165° of recline
  • Multi-tilt mechanism
  • ADC12 aluminum wheelbase
  • XL PU casters

Design and features

The Secretlab TITAN Evo is a serious chair built for gamers of all builds. It’s available in three sizes.

  • Small – Under 5’6″ and less than 200 lbs
  • Regular – 5’7″ – 6’2″ and less than 220 lbs
  • XL – 5’11” – 6’9″ and up to 395 lbs


It’s also available with custom fabrics that increase in price in the order shown

  • Secretlab NEO Hybrid leatherette
  • Secretlab SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric
  • Exotic
  • NAPA Leather

Beyond that, there’s a ton of color, eSports, and Limited editions that you’ll just need to visit their site to explore. The SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric is what I picked and what you see below. It can get hot here in Orange County so I wanted something softer and more comfortable for rising temps.


Here you can see some of those fine details and very precise stitching.


Awesome lumbar support is just a dial away.



Assembling this one lets you see the care and attention to detail Secretlab puts into each product. I mean take a look at the full box-sized instruction card that takes you through step by step.


Open the box with the wheels and install them into the aluminum wheelbase.


Next, open the box with the hydraulic post and levers. Insert the post into the center of the wheelbase and set the telescoping cover over it.


In that same box is a sweet little tool kit with a custom screwdriver, a hex wrench, and some assembly screws. You’ll need this for the next couple of steps.


Grab the seat back and remove the 2 hex bolts from each side (4 total).


Now grab the seat base. Flip the left side bracket out to match the right side, then slide the backrest over the right bracket as shown. Secure with 2 of the hex bolts you previously removed. Then secure the left side.


Now you can effortlessly place the magnetic covers over those brackets. It’s like magic!


Remove the screw and red shipping bracket from the right side to allow the tilt mechanism to work.


Flip the seat upside down, place the base mechanism with the twist knob facing the front edge of the seat and secure it with the 4 hex bolts from the toolkit. While you’re at it, mount the armrests on each side.


Install each of the levers onto their respective control rods.


Place the magnetic PU foam armrests onto each side and the assembly is almost complete.


The last step is to drop the magnetic neck pillow into place.



With everything assembled, I used the TITAN Evo for a solid four weeks. I desk a lot at the office so that’s where the chair went. First, I’m 6’3″ and weigh in at an even 220. Average office chairs work, but I always feel like an adult sitting at the kid’s table. I ordered the XL size, and that is no longer an issue.

This is a full-height backrest with a neck pillow that can be slid up or down where you need it. When you pair that with the fact it will tilt back near flat, you’ll wish you worked somewhere they have nap sessions after lunch.


The seat itself is nice and wide with fully adjustable armrests that rotate, lift, and slide fore and aft. This image shows that range. The PU foam arm pads almost dare you to try and find an uncomfortable spot. I can only imagine the memory foam upgrade versions must be stellar.


This is the first chair where I can actually raise the seat to a point where my feet can’t touch the floor. I didn’t think it was possible, but the result is awesome when set perfectly for a height from the floor to the center of my knees.


Between the precision foam used throughout, the adjustable lumbar for dialing in support, the emergency brake style tilt lever, hydraulic lift, and fore/aft seat-tilt controls, the TITAN Evo is easily dialed in throughout the day to keep any aches from settling in. This thing is beyond comfortable, and honestly, it feels like a bargain.

What I like

  • Supreme comfort and adjustability
  • Crazy-good, quality construction and material options
  • XL option actually fits me (and a 6’7″ guy in the office)

What I’d change

  • Absolutely nothing

Final thoughts

Secretlab has just made it nearly impossible to recommend another chair for gaming or desk use. Want a comfortable chair? Secretlab. Want an adjustable chair? Secretlab. Need a big guy chair? Secretlab. Want a good deal? Secretlab. Enough said.

Price: From $549 | $619 in configuration reviewed
Where to buy: Secretlab
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Secretlab.

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