When closed, this multi-tool looks like the handle of a Leatherman multi-tool

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NEWS – Check out this 9-in-1 multi-tool from TACTIMAN. Does it remind you of anything? It totally reminds me of one of the slotted handles of a Leatherman Signal multi-tool. The TACTIMAN multi-tool features a knife, saw, serrated blade, scissors, bottle & can opener, wire stripper, and glass breaker. It is constructed of hardened stainless steel and also has a pocket clip. The TACTIMAN is a lot more affordable than Leatherman tools at only $21.99 and in case you’re thinking that that this tool won’t be as reliable as a Leatherman tool, they do back it with a lifetime warranty and 86% of the reviews for it on Amazon have 4 or more stars. What do you think? Is it worthy of a place in your budget EDC collection?
Price: $21.99
Where to buy: Amazon

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12 thoughts on “When closed, this multi-tool looks like the handle of a Leatherman multi-tool”

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  2. First thought – “That’s a lot of tool for $21.” However when I checked the Amazon listing, it appears they did a review swap with a totally different tool.

  3. Actually, it looks like they have one listing for two completely separate tools – you can get the ‘knife’ variation (like above) or the ‘pliers’ variation.

    1. I ordered the knife tool from Superwind but the one I got does not have the serrated blade or the saw. Still a good tool though

  4. They don’t show the “can opener” OR the “glass breaker” being used even remotely close to correctly. They goofed. Yes, I’m critical of such things. If things are written, few read. But a picture is worth a thousand words.

  5. Amazon UK version is called Maerd P3 9in1 Hard Stainless Steel Multitool.
    The blade locks so not legal to carry day-to-day but looks decent value.

  6. ALIEXPRESS to the rescue. Cost pennies £3.77 inc P&P. First impressions it looks well made and matches the above review. Great EDC!

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