Clip this mini bit driver to your pocket for EDC awesomeness!

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k20 pocket bitdriver 1

NEWS – Check out this unusual pocket bit driver from K20 Tools. This compact bit driver features stainless steel construction with a #2-sized bit holder in the handle. It comes with a hardened steel double-ended bit that gives you a flat head screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver. But the fact that it’s so small, isn’t the only thing that makes this EDC tool interesting to me. It also features a pocket clip so you can easily clip it to a shirt or pants pocket, and it has a magnet on the back. The K20 Tools Pocket Screwdriver has been designed and assembled here in the USA and is available now from Amazon for only $13.99.

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k20 pocket bitdriver 3

k20 pocket bitdriver 2

11 thoughts on “Clip this mini bit driver to your pocket for EDC awesomeness!”

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  2. A lot of people don’t realise differences between the Pozi and Philips, the Pz’s have a ridge between the four blades(that’s the best way I can explain it) and that is reflected on the screw head to help identify them. The Ph’s don’t have that ridge or mark on the appropriate screw head.

  3. Kinda cool. Would work well in a pocket organizer kit.
    Most of these types of tools are collectables. The usefulness of the tool is subjective. Most multi-tools/ SAKs have a driver of some kind. Having a cool new tool sometimes just puts a smile on my face. 😁

  4. Pozidrive is no longer new, they have been around for over fifty years. In addition they come in several sizes as do Phillips. Frankly this so called gadget with a single flat and single Philips is all but useless.

  5. Just came across Gadgeteer for second time and looked closer, not just the gadget and found the clip on change to Android gripe. Wow, nice I didn’t know you could do that wakey uppity news etc. but makes sense it’s a super computer with all the connections and sensors etc..
    Sign me up….
    I actually use gadgets a lot if I can find them pronto.

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