This 9-inch touchscreen turns your car into an online command center. Right now, it’s only $104.99. 

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DEAL NEWS – Smarten up your car or truck with this Heads Up Car Display featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for 63% off the original price, down to just $104.99.

While it probably feels like every appliance and gadget we use is connected to the Internet, that’s not entirely the case. We’re still in a period of integration, with plenty of untethered, non-smart machines still rumbling around out there. That includes on the road, where only about 70 percent of light-duty vehicles and trucks are connected to the Internet, according to Statista.

This Wireless Heads Up Car Display allows you to enjoy the full online experience in your vehicle without an expensive installation or a new car. 

The premium display is compatible with 99% of cars currently in service, featuring a glorious 9-inch full-HD IPS touchscreen for commanding all your favorite phone apps right from your vehicle dash. The unit mounts neatly and wirelessly to your car or truck with a self-adhesive bracket for easy adjustments to get your optimal viewing angle.

Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can effortlessly navigate, play your favorite music or streaming platforms, make and receive calls via Siri or Google Assistant, and more. You can even enjoy phone mirroring.

While it’s designed to route audio through your vehicle’s speaker system, this display also sports built-in speakers of its own, as well as connectivity via Bluetooth, USB, auxiliary cable, and even a TF card to create just the hook-up you need. Plus, the preset equalizer featuring 16 bands and up to 12 adjustable frequencies presents even more options for listening to local radio, streaming stations, cloud services, and more.

Since visibility is an essential safety must, this display also includes both automatic and manual brightness adjustability, ensuring you won’t ever have to strain your vision to read your screen in bright sunshine or pitch-black conditions. 

You can save over $180 off the price of this Wireless Heads Up Car Display right now with this current limited-time offer of just $104.99 (reg. $289).

Prices subject to change.