BLUETTI is launching the EP800 modular solar battery system

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SPONSORED NEWS – Why BLUETTI has decided to introduce another modular household backup system, following the release of a similar EP900 model last month.

Home solar power systems are widely adopted to reduce household energy costs and carbon footprints. But solar power is only available when the sun shines, and the main grid works. Yes, you heard right, your grid-tie solar system is also dead in a power outage unless you add home energy storage to it.

Grid-tied or off-grid solar systems with big batteries allow you to store excess clean energy and maintain power in the case of grid outages or power blackouts. BLUETTI, a top player in the energy storage field, is set to bring out another battery solution–EP800 in September this year. What is it exactly? And how does it differ from its predecessor – the EP900, which uses the same B500 battery packs? Let’s find out.

What is the BLUETTI EP800 & B500?

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The BLUETTI EP800 & B500 is a 7,600W modular home energy storage system(ESS), featuring 9,000W PV input and scalable capacity from 9,920Wh to 19,840Wh. Similar to the EP900, it is widely compatible with existing or future solar systems for energy bill saving and blackout preparedness.

Besides their output performance, the main difference between EP800 and EP900 lies in their ability to connect to the utility grid. The former is a pure off-grid system, while the latter also supports on-grid connection, whose installation therefore could take several months with time-consuming paperwork and inspection processes. With an easy and quick installation of a few hours, the EP800 is a blessing for those in urgent need of complete battery systems to pair with their solar setups.

Key Features of the BLUETTI EP800 System

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1. Flexible capacity from 9,920Wh to 19,840Wh
The EP800’s modular design allows users to tailor their energy storage capacity to their specific needs. By choosing two to four B500 battery packs, each providing 4,960Wh, you’ll have a customized capacity ranging from 9,920Wh to a maximum of 19,840Wh. According to a recent study showing that a small 10kWh solar ESS can meet backup needs for a 3-day outage in nearly all U.S. counties, that energy storage could get you through a blackout lasting almost 6 days, or two days without solar power.

2. Powerful performance: 7,600W output and 9,000W solar input
The EP800 system delivers up to 7,600W power for the whole household. It can run both your 120V TVs and 240V pumps with ease. With dual MPPT charge controllers inside, EP800 can maximize solar input at 9,000W, allowing you to easily reach power independence by solar. This also makes it an ideal choice for small businesses, farms, and workplaces that are remote from the grid power.

3. Wide compatibility with solar panels
Whether you already have installed solar panels or plan to do so in the future, the EP800 seamlessly integrates into your solar panels with its DC-coupled connectivity. Generally, there are two types of electrical systems to connect a PV system to storage batteries– DC coupled and AC coupled. Rather than converting solar-generated DC power back and forth to AC power for unnecessary energy losses, a DC coupled system converts the DC solar power to AC only once that your home appliances use, making it more energy efficient.

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4. Easy and quick installation: Indoor or outdoor
As an off-grid energy storage unit, the BLUETTI EP800 can be set up in a few hours with simple hook and screw steps. Even DIYers or homeowners interested in electricity can handle it. Instead of being mounted on the wall, it can be stacked vertically without damaging the wall or taking up too much space. With a NEMA 4X rating and quiet operation at less than 50dB, you can easily install it indoors or outdoors. Plus, BLUETTI offers an optional global installation team that can handle all the on-site work for you.

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5. Durable design with 10 years warranty
Designed to be stylish and long-lasting, the EP800 is encased in a durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. It boasts a NEMA 4X rating for water, dust, and corrosion resistance. Using the safest LiFePO4 batteries available, the EP800 could have a at least ten-year lifespan. It also comes with an advanced BMS that prevents short circuits, overcharging, and other potential hazards. To ensure hassle-free use, BLUETTI also backs it with a ten-year warranty.

6. Intelligent system: smart operation and easy control
The EP800 can adapt to varying weather conditions, regulating its discharging processes based on ambient temperature through its advanced thermal management technology. With the BLUETTI app, you can monitor system performance, track your power consumption and generation, and adjust settings remotely via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity from anywhere at any time. Moreover, OTA updates are available for added convenience.

How to get the most out of the EP800 system

Get the power back in 20ms

The BLUETTI EP800 provides a stable and seamless power supply during emergencies and power failures. It takes less than 20ms to switch from grid power to its battery, providing stored power for all your essential appliances, large and small, such as refrigerators, dryers, water pumps, electric stoves, lights, and medical equipment. An EP800 with two battery packs can power an average refrigerator for four days, or eight days with four packs. That means you can rest easy knowing that those steaks and ice creams will never again end up in the trash.

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Enjoy power freedom

The EP800 could connect to solar panels for a maximum of 9,000W of solar charging. Even during power outages, there will be enough power in reserve to run your entire home. Two B500 packs, 9,920Wh of energy, equivalent to 3.3 hours of use of 2500W air conditioner, 140 hours of lighting(60w), and uninterrupted network connection. If you have a large family or experience a prolonged power cut, four B500 batteries will provide up to 19,840Wh of power, giving you peace of mind that your family will still live comfortably. This stronger battery system could power your 200W freezer for 84 hours, 500W washer for 33.5 hours and 2000W oven for 8 hours. For others, power failures may mean disaster and hardship, with stinking piles of laundry and limited use of electronics. However, with the EP800 backup system in your home, a blackout is nothing more than a chance to show off your independence from the grid.

Benefit you and the earth

The BLUETTI EP800 is an eco-friendly and quiet backup power source that runs on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels like traditional generators do. Unlike gas-powered generators that emit harmful gases into the environment when used, it produces no emissions or noise pollution, making it an environmentally friendly option for powering homes or businesses.

Try BLUETTI EP800 Free for 30 Days! BLUETTI is currently running an Energy Freedom Program to help households reduce their energy bills and achieve power independence. 30 households with monthly bills over $100 can apply for a free trial of the EP800 system for a full month. After the trial, they can either return the product at no cost or keep it for an incredible 40% off the retail price. Give it a try as the trial is totally money and worry free. All it takes is a few clicks to sign up, and BLUETTI will take care of everything from shipping to installation.

Limited offer, grab it now!


Some homeowners are still waiting in line for the pricey home backup solutions from Enphase, LG, Panasonic, FranklinWH, and Tesla Powerwall. Others, however, have their eyes on affordable backup systems like the BLUETTI EP800 that are within easy reach. With this powerful device, you can keep your entire home running smoothly during a power outage, reduce your energy bills, and contribute to a more sustainable and greener planet.


BLUETTI has been committed to promoting sustainability and green energy solutions since its inception. By offering eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, BLUETTI aims to provide exceptional experiences for our homes while also contributing to a sustainable future for our planet. This commitment to sustainable energy has helped BLUETTI expand its reach to over 100 countries and gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide.

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