This EDC pocket knife glows in the dark!

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glowrhino fermi 1

NEWS – Other than size and sharpness, are there other features that you look for in an EDC pocket knife? How about style? Do you want your friends to notice and ask where you got such a cool knife? If that’s something you care about, then check out the Glow Rhino Fermi. Weird name, cool knife. The Fermi is a folding knife that features G10 scales and a D2 steel drop point blade with a PVD coating for rust resistance. But what amps this knife up in the cool department are the 3 Tritium inserts. The scales have 2 large Tritium. inserts and the blade has a Tritium thumb stud with your choice of 5 ring colors (red, green, orange, yellow, and black). If you want one for your collection or EDC, head over to Blade HQ to get one for $99.99.

glowrhino fermi 2

7 thoughts on “This EDC pocket knife glows in the dark!”

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  2. Tim the enchanter

    … how can you recommend a massively overpriced gimmick knife and not feel like a con artist?

    This knife should really be at a sub $50 price point. 99 dollars for a d2 & g10 folder from China is highway robbery. And the company is not impressive, I’ve seen some of their aftermarket scales and they are of terrible quality.

    Avoid this brand like the plague.

  3. Unfortunately it seems that this is the trend for this site. I have been following the Gadgeteer page for several years and where when it began it was honest reviews without bias it seems the trend over the last few years is that this is nothing more than a money grab. Case in point I ordered a assemble yourself mechanical butterfly based on the review from this site for my daughter this last Christmas. the order was shipped from China (not mentioned in the review) and was delayed 3 months, so we did not receive it in time for Christmas. the instructions were incomplete (not mentioned in the review either) and we we unable to complete the assembly. With that I sadly say adieu to the Gadgeteer page. Hope your page fulfills whatever you planned on it being lately.

  4. I actually bought one of these (directly from Glow Rhino) when it was released because I liked the way it looked. I have a fairly large collection across various levels of quality (kershaw, crkt, benchmade, leatherman, boker, etc) and while I might agree that it’s a little over-priced for a gimmick (I love tritium inserts!), I think the build quality is fine for what it is, and I’m pleased with it.

    There’s a lot of blanket hate for products from China but it’s a pretty big country, with a variety of manufacturers at all different price points… I’m not sure what all the complaining is about, given the highly inflated prices of “fancy” knives in general, it’s pretty endemic to the entire industry. Clearly this one isn’t for some of the folks here, but I thought (and still think) it’s pretty neat. I think ~$70ish would have been a better price point, maybe we’ll see a sale some day.

  5. Bloodthirsty Vegan

    The tritium is rated for 10-12 years. I’ve never had a Chinese folder last more than 3 but maybe you can dig the inserts out and repurpose them after the clip falls off or the pivot bolt disappears. Support the Chinese economy whenever you can, and overpay for trendy crap. If only it had a built in bottle opener.

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