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Lockly Smart Safe 12

REVIEW – During my time with the FBI, I remember the keycard access controllers were combined with the incredibly clever Hirsch ScramblePads. Think of your regular ATM keypad, but the numbers underneath the buttons change each time you enter your code. This increases security since it’s harder to “crack” the code just by fingerprint smudges alone. Lockly’s Smart Safe incorporates this keypad scrambling in a consumer product, in addition to other ways to access your valuables.

What is it?

The Lockly Smart Safe is a compact home or office lock box that features Lockly’s PIN Genie scrambling keypad feature, fingerprint access, smartphone access, and backup key options.

Lockly Smart Safe 02

What’s in the box?

Lockly Smart Safe 03

Lockly Smart Safe 04 Lockly Smart Safe 07

  • Mounting hardware and cable loop
  • USB-C cable
  • 4 AA batteries and holder
  • Wifi gateway and USB power plug
  • User manual, activation card, mounting template

Hardware specs

The usable interior space of the Lockly Smart Safe measures approximately 10.1″ x 7.0″ x 2.5″.

Lockly Smart Safe 07

Design and features

The front of the Lockly Smart Safe is where all the action is: The PIN Genie buttons illuminate on the main display. A biometric fingerprint reader is also on the top. The backup key slot is also on the front edge. Not much on the back except for optional mounting holes.

Lockly Smart Safe 06

On the right side towards the back, notice the cable slot cutout. A plug covers the USB-C external power port. Should the internal batteries run out, this port can provide power instead, or provide power around the clock.

Lockly Smart Safe 08

One of the first things I noticed on the inside was the gas strut on the left. This pops the lid when unlocked, and keeps the lid open. There’s a card slot on the lid, and a padded interior bottom.

Lockly Smart Safe 09

Under the foam padding, you’ll find four mounting holes.

Lockly Smart Safe 10

The 4 AA battery holder is tucked under the control panel. Note the LED light. Great for finding your items in the dark.

Lockly Smart Safe 11

The Lockly Smart Safe’s fingerprint reader has a backlit LED ring as well.

Lockly Smart Safe 17 e1688339636521


I was a little surprised to see that nearly all the functions required the use of an app.

Lockly Smart Safe 14

Yes, I thought you could set the fingerprint without it, but no. Fortunately, the app is easy to follow.

Lockly Smart Safe 15

Once configured you can set multiple users, multiple fingerprints, and PIN codes. The included Wifi hub (install within 30 feet) even allows control over the cloud. It’s optional. Otherwise, direct Bluetooth control from phone to safe works just fine.

Here’s a page that shows the status of the box. Red if it’s open, green if it’s locked. Tap the green box to open. You can also rename the box, as I did on the right (“Lockly Box”). The battery reads 0% because I didn’t install the AA batteries when I took this screenshot.

Lockly Smart Safe 16

There’s not much you can do without the app. You can pair Bluetooth and perform a system reset by depressing the box plunger twice.

Lockly Smart Safe 18

If all else fails, there’s a physical key. Don’t lose it!

Lockly Smart Safe 20 1


I had to try the number-scrambling PIN Genie feature. Up to 37 access codes can be stored. Here’s a demo of the default code, 123456.

Lockly Smart Safe 19

The Lockly Smart Safe’s screen can wake up with the wave of a hand, but I found that tapping the screen works all the time. The brightness can be controlled to save power, and the PIN Genie scramble function can even be disabled to display numbers in sequence if you wish.

I don’t own firearms, but I have an airsoft pistol. Here’s how it fit.

Lockly Smart Safe 13

I found the fingerprint reader to be pretty good. The box can store up to 99 prints.

What I like

  • Number scrambling PIN Genie feature adds an added layer of security
  • Fingerprint reader works well
  • App and cloud control allows many clever features, such as guest access
  • AA battery power or external USB-C
  • Can be programmed to send duress notifications if you use a specific fingerprint

What I’d change

  • I’d prefer a basic non-app setup

Final thoughts

Is the Lockly Smart Safe Fort Knox? Will it survive a fire? No of course not. A locked box just slows the bad guys down. I was turned off by the level of complex options, but I realized they’re just options. I’m likely to just use the fingerprint reader or the combination pad, and just use the app if I need to tweak something.

Price: $349.99
Where to buy: Lockly
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Lockly.

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  2. David Williams

    Is there a burglary rating on the lock box? (Incidentally, the hearse scramble pad IS a commercial product. I know this because I betta tested the Hirsch scramble pad at NES Cecil field many years before it became the Hirsch scramble pad!).

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