Brigii MX30 Handheld-Cordless-Portable-Rechargeable Vacuum review – lots of power in a petite package!

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Brigii MX30 vacuum 21
REVIEW – “Aah, savory cheese puffs, rendered inedible by time and fate.” – The Tick.  Does this sound like your seat cushion situation? Yeah, me too.  Want to rectify that situation? Brigii’s MX30 vacuum to the rescue!

What is it?

The Brigii MX30 is a small, rechargeable, cordless vacuum cleaner.

What’s in the box?

  • Brigii MX30 handheld vacuum
  • Filter
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cord
  • Multi-surface tool
  • 2-in-1 brush nozzle
  • Base
  • User manual

Brigii MX30 vacuum 03

Hardware specs

  • Model: MX30
  • Dimensions: 300 x 85 x 117mm (12 x 3.35 x 4.6 inches)
  • Weight: 510g (18 ounces)
  • Charging voltage: 5 VDC
  • Battery capacity: 22.2Wh
  • Power: 65 watts
  • 12KPA suction

Design and features

Like many, I eat in my car… and at my desk… and on the couch…  Inevitably, cookie crumbs, black olive bits, and fragments of Cheese-It’s find their way under the seats and into the deep abysses.  Vacuuming is the only practical process for purging the particles. So…

The Briggi MX30 arrived in a small, recyclable box.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 01

I was pleasantly surprised at the Brigii MX30 handheld vacuum’s size. It’s smaller than expected, only a little larger than a 20-ounce soda bottle.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 20

Parts are contained in a secure plastic nest.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 04 e1686087819344

The vacuum body is made of sturdy plastic.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 02

While charging or in storage, the vacuum and tools fit into a handy-dandy base.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 08

The Brigii MX30 handheld vacuum is charged via a USB-C port. A short USB-A to USB-C cord is included.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 10

A red LED adjacent to the power button blinks while the vacuum is sipping juice. From fully depleted, after about two hours and thirty minutes on a 2000mA charger, charging is complete and the LED stops flashing. To turn it on and off, press and hold the power button for one second.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 19

On a full battery, I measured about 18 minutes of run time – plenty for eradication of most of the carnage from my carriage.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 09

The multi-surface tool is about four inches wide. There’s a velvety surface on the forward edge that does a commendable job on pet hair.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 13

Brigii MX30 vacuum 07

The brush on the 2-in-1 nozzle slides forward and latches in place. The filaments are soft so they aren’t likely to cause damage to surfaces.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 06

Brigii MX30 vacuum 05

I appreciated the narrowness of the brush tool. It had no trouble fitting into the pesky and often neglected spaces between the car seats, center console, and door.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 16

Brigii MX30 vacuum 15

For cleaning, the vacuum nozzle rotates to unlock…

Brigii MX30 vacuum 11

…then the diminutive filter can be removed.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 12

I was impressed with the amount of suction the Brigii MX30 handheld vacuum produces. In just a few seconds of operation, have a look at the copious crud collected.

Brigii MX30 vacuum 14

Brigii MX30 vacuum 17

Brigii MX30 vacuum 18

What I like

  • Great suction for such a small vacuum
  • USB rechargeable
  • Uncomplicated operation and maintenance

What I’d change

  • Nothing

Final thoughts

I confess I’m a slob, but at least I try to keep my surroundings clean. I have several larger vacuums, but it’s sometimes a challenge to make the time for deep cleaning. During the in-between interludes, I’ve found quick cleaning is essential, not just for keeping things manageable, but for my peace of mind. The Brigii MX30’s small size, run-time, USB recharging, and good suction combined with narrow tools are ideal for keeping car cracks and couch cushions clean. Great job, Brigii, and thank you

Price: $51.99 from  Amazon, $59.99 from Brigii
Where to buy: Amazon, Brigii
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Brigii

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