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Freebeat Boom Bike 12

REVIEW – As many of you already know, I am on a bike riding/fitness quest and I have been really committing to riding in the nature preserve near my home whenever I can. However, I quickly realized that I need more exercise and I need to somehow incorporate bike riding into my evenings after I get home from work. The problem is that I get home too late to then take the bike out and go for a ride, especially since I usually have a lot to do including preparing for work the next day. I need a solution. Enter the freebeat Boom Exercise Bike!

What is it?

The freebeat Boom Exercise Bike is a budget-friendly Home Studio bike that offers immersive workouts, an auto resistance system, and a personal trainer algorithm that adapts to your individual performance and skill level to find your sweet spot for the ultimate ride. Also, you can invite family and friends to join your ride and race.

What’s in the box?

Freebeat Boom Bike 9
Freebeat Boom Bike 11

  • 1 x freebeat Boom Exercise Bike
  • 1 x Toolkit
  • 2 x Dumbell Weights
  • 1 x User Manual

Hardware specsFreebeat Boom Bike 2

Freebeat Boom Bike 3

Freebeat Boom Bike 4

Freebeat Boom Bike 5

Freebeat Boom Bike 6

Freebeat Boom Bike 7

Freebeat Boom Bike 8

Design and features

The freebeat Boom Exercise Bike frame is made mostly of metal. It features a dynamic light strip that syncs with your pace and lights up your space. The 15.6″ HD touchscreen provides artist-generated backgrounds to enhance the variety of classes and personal experiences. The screen also rotates tons of engaging classes it has to offer. The rotating screen also allows for off-bike training. At the rear of the seat, there are holders for the 2 included dumbells, and there is a connection to the seat that lets the bike know when you are seated or riding unseated. The resistance control also acts as a brake to lock the pedals from turning when not in use. This is a child safety feature.
Freebeat Boom Bike 12 1
Freebeat Boom Bike 36


The main section of the freebeat Boom Exercise Bike arrives intact and all you need to do to assemble the bike is to add things like the pedals, seat, and monitor. All of the bolts and nuts and tools that are needed are included. The following photos are snapshots from my assembly process:
Freebeat Boom Bike 10
Freebeat Boom Bike 20
Freebeat Boom Bike 11
Freebeat Boom Bike 19
Freebeat Boom Bike 21
Freebeat Boom Bike 22
Freebeat Boom Bike 29
Freebeat Boom Bike 30
Freebeat Boom Bike 31
Freebeat Boom Bike 27
Freebeat Boom Bike 23
Freebeat Boom Bike 25
Freebeat Boom Bike 24
Freebeat Boom Bike 32
Freebeat Boom Bike 33
Freebeat Boom Bike 26
Freebeat Boom Bike 34
Freebeat Boom Bike 35
Here is a short video summary of the assembled bike:


Once the freebeat Boom Exercise Bike review is assembled, the next step is to use the interactive touchscreen to set up the personal information and the subscription. A 45-day trial subscription is included. Here is a video of the process:

And now it’s time to ride:

Overall, This stationary bike is really fun to ride and offers lots of opportunities to personalize training and enjoy variety. I really like using this bike and I do so at least 3 days weekly. Already it has helped me on my journey towards getting into better shape and it is an even greater exercise benefit when paired with my actual street riding. I like that the volume of the built-in speakers is more than adequate, and the only complaint that I have is that it is difficult to see some parts of the screen like the left taskbar because of the color scheme which seems to be light grey on white. Regardless, I will use this bike “until the wheels fall off”. Great experience.

Update: Just after finishing this review, freebeat updated its software and interactive experience to include features like choosing an Avatar, your bike aura, and auto resistance performance testing to ensure personalization should you choose to use the auto-resistance feature. Here are some snapshots of the screen:
Freebeat Boom Bike 37
Freebeat Boom Bike 38
Freebeat Boom Bike 39
Freebeat Boom Bike 40

What I like

  • The bike is well built
  • The attractive design
  • That screen is a nice size
  • The training options and routines
  • The ability to add friends to train with
  • The easy assembly process
  • The auto resistance function
  • The overall experience
  • The way it adapts to the individual
  • The ability to lock the pedals to prevent injury to children
  • I like the feature that lets the seat know when you are riding in or out of the saddle.

What I’d change

  • The handlebar adjustment gets a bit slack while riding. Sometimes I have to reach down and tighten it while riding
  • The taskbar on the left should use different colors. It is white and extremely hard to see

Final thoughts

The freebeat Boom Exercise Bike is a very nice exercise bike at a great price that IMHO provides a great experience for exercising and keeping fit and healthy. The virtual classes are great and the ability to include friends and family is great. I really enjoy the choices that are available to keep routines fresh and I love that there are constant upgrades and refreshes. The screen is a nice size but, I do wish there was the ability to connect to a larger screen like the TV mounted on the wall in my gym. The bike is sturdy, and the light show at the bottom just makes it that much more interactive. I do think that like the Peleton, there should be a choice of monthly subscription plans rather than just the one plan for $39 which is somewhat expensive. Overall, I give this freebeat Boom Exercise Bike a well done and two thumbs up!!

Price: $649 – Monthly subscription: $39
Where to buy: freebeat website and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by freebeat

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