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REVIEW – For the past 2 Summers, my wife and I have been working on creating our own private oasis in our backyard. We have gone through a couple of designs and a few changes but we seem to be getting close. We have friends that stop by in the evenings, and part of our effort is to create a peaceful and inviting scene that is tastefully and adequately lit with warm accent lighting. It is also nice to be able to provide cover over the multiple gathering zones should there be a sprinkle or two of rain. Adding an umbrella with accent lighting would be a good option, so I am giving this Fruiteam 7 1/2 FT Solar Patio Outdoor LED Swimming Pool Umbrella a try.

What is it?

The Fruiteam 7 1/2 FT Solar Patio Outdoor LED Swimming Pool Umbrella is equipped with solar lights. When the solar panel is charged by the sun, lights can run for 6-7 hours, for night use.

What’s in the box?

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  • 1 x Fruiteam 7 1/2 FT Solar Patio Outdoor LED Swimming Pool Umbrella
  • 1 x Umbrella Base (Sold Separately)
  • I x Instruction Leaflet

Design and features

  • SOLAR-POWERED LIGHTS & TRIPLE PROTECTION: With solar LED lights, this table umbrella can accompany you day and night, sunny day or cloudy day, and can run for 6-7 hours if fully charged. Thickened 230g/sqm polyester with PU & UV coating, ensure 95% UV protection and reaches AATCC standard for healthy skin
  • ALL DAY SHADING: 7 1/2 ft patio umbrella shades your round, square, or rectangle table with 4 chairs, also allowing you to adjust the shade at a certain angle. A nice choice for your garden, pool, deck, balcony, restaurant, and business occasion. Ideal for both residential and commercial locations
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, EASY OPERATION: FRUITEAM Outdoor umbrella is equipped with a 3-position dura-tilt mechanism, ensuring you adjust the angle of the table umbrella easily according to the sun’s direction. The smooth crank mechanism makes it easy to open and close. The vented canopy helps wind and heat ventilation, making the umbrella remain stable and grounded
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION, SECURITY GUARANTEE:  The 1.5 inches diameter of the umbrella support pole suits most umbrella bases. Thickened steel pole provides strong support. The lightweight 6 ribs with powder coating are heavy-duty and rust-free, ensuring that the market umbrella won’t fall down in the harsh wind

The Fruiteam 7 1/2 FT Solar Patio Outdoor LED Swimming Pool Umbrella features fabric on metal spines with LED lights along each spine. At the end of one of the spines, there is an on/off switch. On the top of the umbrella’s main pole, there is a solar panel that contains a battery and it connects to the top of the pole. Along the pole, there is the usual spring-loaded clip to secure sections of the pole, and the base is connected via a thumb screw.
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The Fruiteam 7 1/2 FT Solar Patio Outdoor LED Swimming Pool Umbrella is easy to set up and get ready for use. There is a small solar panel with a pre-installed battery that plugs into the top of the umbrella. Once connected, it twists in and then you just have to connect the poles to each other and to the base and let the sun do the rest.
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The Fruiteam 7 1/2 FT Solar Patio Outdoor LED Swimming Pool Umbrella works quite well for shade and the lights do work as accent lights. When I first opened the umbrella, I immediately noticed that the stitching was loose on one side where the top section connects to the rest of the umbrella.
Fruiteam Umbrella 14Fruiteam did respond and they sent another umbrella. I do think that the fabric is not of the best quality but it works. I am not a fan of white lights. My preference is warm lights. Also, Fruiteam initially indicated that they were sending a base that was the best choice for this umbrella, but they sent a different/cheaper base. While it does work, it is not really adequate for this tall umbrella and can be easily moved and tipped over. This actually happened twice: once when there was a gust of wind and once when the umbrella was closed and I bumped into it. The velcro strap for securing the umbrella when it is closed works well, and the on/off switch seems to be of good quality with a positive click for on/off. The umbrella can also be tilted to adjust for shade.
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What I like

  • I like the size of the umbrella
  • I like that is it solar powered
  • Easy to assemble and use

What I’d change

  • The quality checks for the stitching of the umbrella
  • The quality of the fabric
  • Brighter LEDs

Final thoughts

The Fruiteam 7 1/2 FT Solar Patio Outdoor LED Swimming Pool Umbrella works in the daylight to provide nice shade, and as a cover with accent lights when the lights go down. The base I received will work if the umbrella is inserted into a table with legs designed to accommodate a center base. However, as a stand-alone base, it can tip over relatively easily as well as with a heavy gust of wind. The quality of the material is ok and unfortunately, the lighting that is produced is relatively dim. I prefer warm lights as accent lights.

Price: $75.99 – Umbrella; $54.99 – 23-lbs Round Patio Umbrella Base
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Fruiteam

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