Get a powerful, but tiny Lenovo ThinkCentre computer now for under $200

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DEAL NEWSPower, performance, and practical use of space are the selling points of this refurbished, tiny Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 desktop computer, now only $199.99.

The days of the giant desktop computer tower are over. Today, nobody wants a huge metallic monstrosity cluttering up their workspace. However, if you’re still a devotee of the desktop, then you’re likely thinking about packing as much power and functionality into the smallest possible footprint. 

With the Lenovo ThinkCentre M900, computer users can enjoy the best of both worlds, a slick machine with loads of performance pyrotechnics housed in an ultra-bite-sized package. And with a rock-bottom price on these refurbished M900 units, they’re an across-the-board victory for almost anyone looking for a reliable and effective daily computer.

Of course, despite all the horsepower, the first thing you notice about the M900 is its size. At about seven inches square, the M900 is small enough to be positioned or mounted virtually anywhere, allowing users to hang on to their precious work area. And thanks to Lenovo’s Smart Meeting Room Solution, it can easily connect wirelessly to a wall-mounted room display.

But don’t let the small size be mistaken for slight. The ThinkCentre M900 is equipped with a zippy 6th-gen Intel Core i5 2.5GHz processor, capable of executing moves across a host of apps simultaneously to turbo-charge your productivity. Accompanied by WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, 16GB of RAM, independent display support for up to three monitors, and a spacious 256GB SSD hard drive, users will be ready to take on virtually any work or home project, including playing some of today’s most popular games.

This ThinkCentre workhorse has been fully inspected, tested, and awarded a grade “A,” meaning it’ll arrive in near-mint condition with minimal to zero scuffing or physical blemishes.

While you won’t see the impact of the M900’s refurbished status in its appearance, it most definitely shows up in its price. And according to an Epoka article, buying refurbished electronics has many environmental benefits, so it’s an eco-win, too. 

With the current deal, you can land this Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 at just $199.99 while it lasts, a savings of $150 off the regular price (reg. $349).

Prices subject to change.


13 thoughts on “Get a powerful, but tiny Lenovo ThinkCentre computer now for under $200”

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  2. No native Windows 11 capability, don’t want to get left behind. I’ll pass, unless I can deal with a Linux distro for my purposes

    1. Lenovo has been caught installing spyware in their PCs on numerous occasions.

      These PCs are not refurbished just used.

      These PCs are ancient.

  3. This is an awful deal, anyone who knows even the slightest thing about computers knows you shouldn’t be paying more than $100 for this, even that’s too much for a 6TH gen i5.

    How can I get a job here? If this is the brain dead articles you guys accept here, I could do a waaayyy better job.

  4. Juergen Amling

    Get real. Last year I bought a refurbished small PC (another brand) and got burned, because no way to upgrade to Windows 11 although the computer itself was only 1 year old. So no, I definitely would pass on that one!!!!

  5. The age of the giant computer tower is far from over. Modern high end graphics cards required big towers in order to fit. What you said might be somewhat true when it comes to a non-technical computer users, but it’s far from true when it comes to actual pc power users….

  6. 6th generation? Where did they find these junkboxes, in the back of a warehouse somewhere? It’s been years since I would consider buying 6th gen, and I’m now even a power user in any sense.

  7. The hardware in M900 is dated, you can find gen 7 for under 70$ here, if you pay more then 80 for a i5 gen 6 16gb ram and 256 gb nvme ssd you got scamed. Why do I say this? because the units may have been powered on for days or months without been unplug from the wall, on top of that referbushers get payed per unit to take them away, they “clean” them run some random test and slab a price on them thats more then 6 times the hardware value.

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