Bitvae Water Flosser review – No parsley between YOUR teeth!

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REVIEW – Just prior to the The Bitvae Water Flosser coming up for review my dentist told me to start water flossing. What timing! The concept brings back my memories of the original boxy, water flosser my Mom bought. It sat on a wall mount because there were no countertops in our house, just standalone sinks. It had a tank on top, a thin, coiled hose and a spray handle. If my brother entered the bathroom while I was using the device, he’d get shot with it. But he always got even. It was also pretty fun to turn the thing on, and let go of the nozzle. Bathroom party! Boys are the reason for water resistant paint in bathrooms.

Nonsense behind us, the days of having to use a bulky, wall-mount water flosser are history. The Bitvae Water Flosser is a complete water tank plus nozzle, all in a convenient, handheld unit. Parents of males beware – This could still be a great mischief maker. But how did it clean teeth?


What is it?

The Bitvae Water Flosser is a self-contained, rechargeable, dental water flosser.


What’s in the box?

  • Bitvae Water Flosser
  • 5 spray nozzles
  • 1 tongue scraper tip
  • Instruction booklet and warranty card
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable


Hardware specs

  • 40 day battery life (on the lowest spray intensity setting)
  • 3 pressure settings from 50-70 PSI, 70-90 PSI and 90-120 PSI
  • IPX7 water resistant. Ok for in-shower use
  • Dimensions: 4” x 3” x 8” inches
  • 10 oz water reservoir
  • 60 second run time at full pressure with 10 oz water.
  • Weight: 13.62 ounces
  • 1 year warranty



Design and features

The water capacity of the Bitvae Water Flosser tank is 10 ounces. That should give one minute of flossing at the high pressure setting.


There are three spray intensity settings that allow the user to set a comfortable spray pressure.


The nozzles can rotate completely so you can hold the unit any way you want, and spray in any direction. Even at your brother.



While charging the Bitvae Flosser I inserted one of the spray nozzles. The device charged fully within about 40 minutes and I was ready to floss!



I didn’t do anything heroic like eating Oreos before flossing. I just added the Bitvae Flosser to my nightly dental routine for a bunch of nights in a row. Why night? I’m a pre-bed snacker, so, it’s extra logical that I brush before bed. I now water floss, then brush my teeth before going horizontal. (I floss with string in the mornings.)

After water flossing with the Bitvae Flosser, my teeth actually felt cleaner. Sorry if that sounds like a TV ad, but you can probably sense that feeling at the end of a day when it feels like our teeth put on wool sweaters. Yuk. The Bitvae Water Flosser effectively rinses those sweaters down the sink.

I tended to get the job done with the 10 ounces of water the tank holds. The strongest spray intensity setting isn’t too aggressive to me. You should not expect it to dislodge teeth. The shocker comes when I use water that is too cold. There’s a warning in the user’s manual not to use water over 140 degrees. Hot coffee is around 198 degrees. Tepid water in the Bitvae should keep the device and user happy.

The Bitvae Flosser would run for 1:05 to 1:10 at the highest spray intensity setting before the tank emptied.

Over the month I used the Bitvae Flosser almost daily, I never had to recharge it.


What I like

  • Great battery life
  • Good spray strength without being too aggressive
  • Convenient overall size and lightweight
  • Excellent price vs. value

What I’d change

  • I have zero complaints or suggestions.

Final thoughts

Given that the Bitvae Water Flosser works effectively, costs a tad under $30 and is warranted for a year, I’d have bought the Bitvae on its own merits. I plan to take it to my next dental visit for a show and tell.

Price: $29.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Bitvae.

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