No time, no bowl, no spoon? No problem with CrunchCup!

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NEWS – Are you always running late in the morning?  Do you have kids that run late in the morning?  Does your favorite breakfast involve milk and cereal?  If so, you know there’s no practical way to take that breakfast with you.  You can’t spoon cereal from a milk-filled bowl while driving.  If you or your kids try it, you’ll spend a fortune getting the interior detailed to eliminate that rotting dairy odor.  What does a habitually late cereal lover do?  You could just mix everything up in a cup, but then your cereal will be a soggy mess before you finish.  Yuck!

CrunchCup has the answer!  CrunchCup is a portable milk and cereal container that keeps the cereal and milk separate until both are in your mouth! No spoon or bowl is required.

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How does this magic happen?  First, fill the center container with your favorite cereal. Spilling seems mandatory.

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Next, attach the lid to the cereal container and fill the large glass about halfway with milk.

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Put the cereal container into the outer glass and secure the lid.

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Ta-da!  Your breakfast is ready to transport, leak-free and crunchy!

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No spoon or bowl is required to get tasty mouthfuls of cereal and milk.

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CrunchCup is sized for a decent breakfast and ultimate portability.

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CrunchCup is available in seven colors.

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You can get one in every color if you want to accessorize.

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Interested?  CrunchCup is available right now for $19.96 (on sale from $24.95) directly from CrunchCup or $29.95 from Amazon.

If you are on the go in the morning, CrunchCup can be a time saver.

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And the best thing about CrunchCup?  Just like Zoom meetings – no pants required!

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