James Brand Elko knife review – a mini pocket knife with extra features

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REVIEW – Along with a wallet and a pen, everyone who is into EDC needs a knife. My personal knife tasks tend to be mainly limited to opening boxes, so I prefer a small pocket-friendly knife. Today I want to show you the James Brand Elko which fits that description.

What is it?

The James Brand Elko is a small basic pocket knife that is available in 9 colors including the Cerulean blue version like the one that they sent to me to review.

Hardware specs

OVERALL LENGTH – 4.33″ (11.0CM)
CLOSED LENGTH – 2.60″ (6.58CM)
BLADE LENGTH – 1.74″ (4.4CM)
HANDLE LENGTH – 2.60″ (6.6CM)

What’s in the box?

jamesbrand elko 1

  • James Brand Elko pocket knife
  • Split ring

Design and features

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Blue is one of my favorite colors and the Cerulean blue version of the James Brand Elko is a stunner. I really like the brushed/satin finish on the anodized aluminum scales with the small James Brand logo badge affixed to one side.

The knife’s liner extends out the back and has a loop that you can use with the included split ring to turn the Elko into a keychain knife. This loop is also what James Brand considers a mini multi-tool because it can be used as a flat screwdriver or even a small pry bar. They also claim that you can use it to open bottles but I don’t have any bottles to test with and I can’t even figure out how you could use it for that task…

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I also like the hardware/screws that contrast with the blue scales.

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The James Brand Elko knife has a drop point style blade that has a cutout so your fingernail can grab the edge of the blade in order to open it. I find it a lot easier to open than knives that have a small groove in the blade.

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The knife uses a slip joint style mechanism to secure the blade when it is opened and in the closed position.

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The blade has enough friction that it requires a slight effort to open and close the blade. Both actions result in a satisfying click.

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This isn’t a bad thing since you don’t want the blade to open or close when you don’t want it to.

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For a small pocket knife, the James Brand Elko is a great size. It won’t weigh down your pocket. Heck, you probably won’t even notice that it’s there. It can even fit in your 5th pocket in your jeans if you have one. As long as you realize that it won’t be great at tough jobs, it’s a great little knife.

See it in action

What I like

  • Beautifully designed and machined
  • Perfect pocket size
  • Multiple color options
  • Extra functionality – screwdriver/prybar

What I’d change

  • Can’t think of anything

Final thoughts

Regardless if you’re male or female, I think everyone can benefit from carrying a small EDC pocket knife. They are just so handy for light-duty tasks like opening packages. You can buy a cheap sub $10 knife from a big box store like Walmart, or from Amazon, or you can go with a higher-end knife like the James Brand Elko pocket knife. It’s well made, should last for decades, doubles as a screwdriver or prybar, and is available in 9 color options. It can be your every day buddy if you don’t mind the price.

Price: $65.00 – $95.00
Where to buy: James Brand
Source: The sample for this review was provided by James Brand.

13 thoughts on “James Brand Elko knife review – a mini pocket knife with extra features”

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          1. More info: The Whitby knife was launched after the James Brand Elko, and in reading through the posts on their site, they were called out by The James Brand customers for knocking off the design. There are several designs on their site that replicate other name brand EDC tools too

  2. A great review review. I’m very tempted. To open a bottle you hold it around the top, put the pry bar under the cap and lever it off using the hand holding it as a fulcrum (see video https://youtu.be/XiTYfQK_kh4). I carry a Leatherman Skeletool CX. The blade it the tool I probably use the least. I do wish it had scissors.

  3. If you want to learn and become an expert at bottle opening with basically anything on this planet, spend a little time in Germany.

  4. The fact that the knife is made in China is a good enough reason not to buy it, nor should anyone who despises the CCP for their persecution of the Uyghurs.

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