Rantoge – the ultimate DIY mechanical clock

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Rantoge camclock 3

CROWDFUNDING NEWS – Are you a DIY kind of person?  Do you like geeky mechanical things?  Do timepieces fascinate you?  Well, duh – you read The Gadgeteer!  Of course!  I have a deal for you!

Check out the new Kickstarter campaign from Rantoge for “An electromechanical cam clock with a very retro and modern design, no matter where it is placed, it can perfectly fit.

Rantoge camclock 1

This is a full DIY kit that you assemble.  The clock’s digits are made from separate arms that rotate up into place based on a spinning camshaft that drives each arm.  It’s all very modern, yet retro and steampunk all at the same time.

Rantoge camclock 2

It is small enough to fit on a desktop but large enough to be seen across a room.

Rantoge camclock 6

Here’s a look at the clock in action.

If you’re looking for a unique home or office timepiece and are OK with funding a project, swing by their Kickstarter campaignThe Kickstarter is well underway. They have already passed their target funding by about seven times as of this writing. You have until Sunday, March 12, 2023, at 7:00 AM EDT.  Rewards are expected to ship in May 2023.

Rantoge camclock 4

Rewards start at $239 for one clock with additional deals for two or more.

Rantoge camclock 5

Rantoge camclock 7

3 thoughts on “Rantoge – the ultimate DIY mechanical clock”

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  2. Not only is it expensive, I think it is misleading to call it a “mechanical clock.” Note: “In order to ensure the accuracy of the clock, the built-in chip used by Rantoge can automatically record the time after power failure and compensate for the lost time when the power is turned on next time.” This sounds like it is just your $10-15 LED electric clock with a mechanical display. Potemkin Village façade Steampunk.

  3. True. You might call it a simple, nothing worth crystal clock. But nobody has said it has a mechanical spring being the clock heart. Do it better instead of grumbling. 🙂

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