The SOG PowerPint multi-tool packs 18 tools in a pocket friendly design

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SOG PowerPint 2

NEWS – I love multi-tools as much as the next EDC fanatic, but there’s no way that I’ll carry a full-sized multi-tool in my pocket or heaven forbid, in a belt pouch. First of all, I don’t wear a belt, and secondly, I’m not Batman (or Batwoman). The SOG PowerPint is a mini multi-tool that features a construction of stainless steel with a nice collection of tools that include: a serrated blade, can opener, inch rule, needle nose pliers, bolt gripper, soft wire cutter, straight-edge blade, awl, jewelry driver, hook cutter, file, mm rule, magnetic bit holder, wire crimper, bevel gauge, scissors, bottle opener, #1 Phillips screwdriver. Should I pick one up to see if it can replace my well-loved Leatherman Squirt which is very pocket friendly? The SOG PowerPint is $50.34 from Amazon. If you have one, let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

SOG PowerPint 3

SOG PowerPint 1

10 thoughts on “The SOG PowerPint multi-tool packs 18 tools in a pocket friendly design”

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  2. This is the current multi-tool I carry and I love it. Another great feature is that when closed the end has a built-in bit driver.

  3. Amazing multitool. Full size plier head with gear assist, nice selection of tools. Light and pocketable edc (not like a full size multitool- too heavy). I’ve had three of them, not because they’ve worn out, but because I lost them!


  4. I don’t have the squirt but I think they are about the same size. There’s also no way to store bits in the sog handle.

  5. Very intriguing! But I don’t find much encouragement to think this could be a replacement for my trusty Squirt (P4). The only indication of size I find is “length: 5 inches.” That’s twice as long as the closed Squirt, and an inch longer than the Squirt with the pliers open or the blade out. Might be a reasonable compromise between keychain and pocket size, though.

    1. From the picture, it looks about as big as my Leatherman Charge – which lives in a belt pouch.

      (The ruler in the Charge is 4 inches per handle, so this would then be slightly bigger.)

    1. Love my Dime too but the pliers are not strong – you have to be careful not to over tax them. Now I just carry a small but effective pocket knife that will tuck inside my wallet and pass through security checks with my phone.

  6. Aloha Julie. I carry a Squirt in my pocket daily as well and hate that it has been discontinued. The Powerpint is an inch longer at 3.2” vs 2.2” for the Squirt. It is the same length as the old Leatherman Juice; and is currently the only multitool Iʻm aware of in size that falls between keychain and full-size multitools, and is a great compromise for daily carry when you donʻt want to be weighed down. I highly encourage you to try one!

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