Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum review – Is it better than the Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum?

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REVIEW – As I mentioned in my Tineco Floor One S5 review, I have about 1800 square feet of hard surfaces to clean in my home. I am fortunate to have a Roborock S7 MaxV that vacuums and mops my entire house several days a week.  I got that robot vacuum after reading Julie’s Roborock S7 MaxV robot vacuum review.  The robot vacuum does a great job. However, it cannot get to all of the spaces in my house due to furniture location and tight spaces.  I also need to clean up spills quickly without using a whole roll of paper towels.  I have been happy with my Tineco, but when I saw the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum, I wanted to check it out.  Does it beat the Tineco S5?   Read on and find out!

What is it?

The Roborock Dyad Pro is the latest version of Roborock’s Dyad cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner.  The Dyad has been out for a while, and they are just about to release the Dyad Pro.  It has a host of new features I will speak about below.

What’s in the box?

dyad 1

  • Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum
  • handle for vacuum
  • 2 pieces for the docking station
  • charging cord
  • cleaning brush
  • extra filter – one is already installed in the dirty water tank
  • user manual

Hardware specs

Here are the specs for the Dyad Pro.  I will compare those to the Dyad.

  • multi rollers – same as Dyad
  • 1mm edge cleaning – Dyad is 2mm
  • DirecTect smart sensor – same as Dyad
  • RevoBrush self-cleaning and drying system – Dyad only self-cleans but does not dry
  • Auto Cleaning solution dispenser – Dyad does not have this
  • app connectivity – Dyad does not have this
  • 30% higher battery efficiency than Dyad
  • the runtime of 43 minutes vs 35 minutes
  • 1700 pa of suction power
  • 900ml clean tank
  • 770ml dirty tank

Design and features

At first glance, the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum looks a lot like the Tineco S5.  Unlike the Dyad, the head does not swivel as much and works like a standard vacuum cleaner.  You put your foot on the left side of the body on the floor and push the handle down to start using the vacuum.  This means the Dyad Pro can’t fit into as tight a space as the Dyad because the head won’t swivel as much, but the unit can stand on its own, and you don’t have to deploy a stand as you do with the Dyad.   The clean and dirty water tanks reside on the front of the unit.

dyad 15

On the front of the handle, there are two buttons.  The top button will change the mode of the vacuum.  I will speak more about that later.  The bottom button is the power button.

dyad 22 scaled e1672872813281

On top of the handle is the button you press to have the vacuum self-clean.  I am very impressed with the self-cleaning mode of the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum.  It ran for about four minutes and rotated the brushes in both directions multiple times while vacuuming the dirty water from the base.  The super cool feature I love is that the vacuum auto-dries the rollers.  With the Tineco, I pulled the brush out and let it air dry before putting it back on the vacuum to sit on the base and charge.  Wet rollers sitting on the base are a recipe for algae and mold.   The dryer ran for over 2 hours at least, and the brushes were completely dry.

dyad 23 scaled e1672872830468

As I mentioned, the Dyad Pro comes with a self-dispensing unit for cleaning fluid.  It is located on the base of the vacuum on the left-hand side as you face the front of the vacuum.

dyad 7

You press the lever in the front of the container, and the whole thing pops out.  Then you pop open the cap on the top of the container and fill it with the recommended Roborock cleaning solution.  None was provided for this review, but I did order some from Amazon.  Filling the container will give you enough cleaning fluid for 20 clean water tanks or 600 minutes of auto mode.  That bottle of cleaner cost $18.99 and should last a very long time.

dyad 8

Towards the bottom front of the unit is the dirty water tank.  The picture does not show it well, but a large button you press up in that rectangular black area will cause the dirty water tank to fall forward.

dyad 9

Once the dirty water tank is out, you can see the large filter.  That popped off for easy cleaning, and they gave me a second one in the box.  This filter was significantly bigger than the one on the Tineco.

dyad 10

Pulling the entire top off the dirty water tank will present you with the other filter.   The Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum’s filter is HUGE compared to the one in the Tineco, and it does a great job of keeping things like dog fur out of the dirty water.  That way, I could pull off the fur, drop it in the trash can, and not pour it down the drain.

dyad 11

At the top of the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum, you will find the clean water tank.  Pressing the bottom at the top and front of the tank lets you release and tilt the tank out.

dyad 12

Once the clean water canister is removed, you can pop off the cap and fill it with water.

dyad 13

The bottom of the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum has not one but three brushes!  The front rollers rotate in the opposite direction of the back roller.  The rollers are fluffier than the ones from Tineco.

dyad 14


The setup was not that difficult.  I had to put the two pieces of the base together.  You can see how they snap into each other.  You are looking at the bottom of the lower base.  They let you separate the base, so it is easy to clean the part where the rollers sit should it get dirty.

dyad 2

Here is a picture of the base with the cleaning brush accessory in place.  I will note that the Tineco had a place on its base to store an extra filter and roller.

dyad 5

The bottom of the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum’s base has some nice cord management built in.

dyad 6

I also had to insert the handle into the base of the vacuum.  The handle has a groove that slides in one direction only into the slot on the vacuum.  It clicked into place.  I like that I can easily remove the handle if I should ever need to by pressing a button behind the clean water tank.

dyad 3

dyad 4

When I first placed the vacuum on the charging dock, it already had a charge of 55 percent.

dyad 16

When it was fully charged, the display showed 100 percent,

dyad 17


You can only start the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum once you have tilted the handle down from the body.  Pressing the power button puts the vacuum in auto mode.  The blue arc on top of the display will turn red on the edges and take up the whole arc if you are mopping over a dirty area.

dyad 18

Pressing the mode button will put the vacuum in max mode.  The noise of the vacuum does get noticeably louder.

dyad 19

Pressing the mode button again puts the vacuum in drying mode.  The vacuum will not dispense any clean water or cleaning solution in this mode.  I got to try this mode right away when my husband spilled a full glass of water on the floor.  The Dyad Pro did an excellent job of picking up the water.  I only had a slightly damp spot after I was done.

dyad 20

The last mode is the eco mode.

dyad 21

I am really impressed with the Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum.  It was able to get up some spots that the Tineco never could clean.  I did notice that the battery countdown was in 5 percent increments.  The Tineco will count down in 1 percent increments.  I could clean my entire hard surface floor on one charge, just like the Tineco.   My only complaint is that I cannot fit this vacuum between the toilet and the wall.  The self-drying feature saves me a ton of time and effort to hang out a wet roller and remember to put it back when dry.

What I like

  • Great cleaning power – the three brushes really do a great job
  • Self Drying feature for the rollers
  • Auto dispensing cleaning solution, so no pre-mixing required
  • Great cord management
  • Dry mode for picking up wet messes without adding more water to the mess

What I’d change

  • The clean tank takes a bit of finagling to put on and off. More practice on my part may fix this.
  • I wish I could somehow get it into tighter spaces

Final thoughts

I think Roborock has a real winner with their new Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum.  The multiple brushes and self-drying/cleaning features are great time savers and allow the vacuum to really clean the floors.  If you are in the market for a wet/dry vacuum, this is the one to buy.  You won’t regret it.

Price: $449.99
Where to buy: Roborock
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Roborock.

7 thoughts on “Roborock Dyad Pro Wet and Dry Vacuum review – Is it better than the Tineco Floor One S5 vacuum?”

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  2. I’d like to see a more apples to apples comparison with the new Roborock Dyad Pro vs the new Tineco Floor One S7 Pro Smart.

    1. Brendan Mcburcombe

      Your absolutely right. Dyson does the same thing for their robot as Roborock does for their vacmop. They get paid reviews like this and compare their competitors older tech with their own new tech and only show the spec on paper instead of the actual results this way their machines look better than they actually are. I have to demo these machines and get the privilege of playing with items before they are sold in shops. As someone who owns a Tineco S5pro and gets to play and stress test the Dyad Pro, Tineco s7 and many other products I can confirm that the tineco hands down beats the Dyad Pro. Not only that but the dyad pro is not value for money even at half the price of a tineco s5 as they have a shorter warranty period, their consumables are constantly out of stock and even when they are in stock the cost of a pack of replacement mop heads for the dyad is more than the replacement back for all of the tineco vac mops because with tineco you get 1*mop head, 1*filter and 1*bottle of chemicals at a price lower than dyad’s replacement mop heads. (Don’t even get me started on the dyad’s Omo cleaning solution being out of stock for more than 6 months!) For goodness sake, when you buy the Tineco S5pro or S7pro you already get two rollers so you won’t even need a replacement one for 8-14 months as long as you run the self cleaning mode after every use to maintain the mop heads. When you factor in the difference in price between the roborock dyad’s and the Tineco vac mops you make up the difference in price within 2 years, which means after two years your spending more money on the dyad as opposed to the tineco. It is definitely a much more sound idea to get the tineco. Especially considering you don’t have to deal with roborock support for warranty repairs and repairs outside of the machines warranty.

      It’s funny because I actually really love roborock robots and don’t like most of the ecovacs robots, but I really don’t like the roborock vacmops but I really like the ecovacs vacmops. (to give some context as to why I say ecovacs vac mops…tineco belongs to the same company that ecovacs belongs to so they are essentially the same company and the tech used in tineco machines were there originally the result of the break through in tech designed for robots.

  3. Michelle Trimay

    I absolutely love mine I have a pup and she sheds.I can now vacuum and mop in 1/2 the times.I also have red clay and it cleans amazingly Best purchase I’ve made in a long time well worth the cost

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