Tineco Floor One S5 Series smart cordless vacuum & mop review

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REVIEW – This past June we moved into a new house with a little over 1800 square feet of tile.  I hate housework. I would rather be outside working in the yard any day before dusting or cleaning the inside of the house.  With that much tile, vacuuming and mopping is a real chore.  I have a steamer mop, but that amount of floor space requires me to rinse and lean the mop head about 10 times easily.  Plus being a new construction we constantly have dust and dirt on the floor.  The Tineco Floor One S5 Series Vacuum and Mop promises to both mop and vacuum at the same time.  Let’s see if it is a time saver and does a good job or not.

What is it?

The Tineco Floor One S5 Series Smart Cordless Vacuum & Mop  (to be referred to as S5 from here on) is exactly what it states.  It is cordless and mops and vacuums at the same time.  It has both a clean and dirty water tank which is great since it only sprays out clean water and immediately sucks it up leaving only a very light coating of water on the floor.

What’s in the box?

This is the first thing I saw when I opened the box.  I can say that their customer support is very helpful and responsive.  I had sent them a question before I received the vacuum and had a response back within 24 hours.

Opening up the box flaps revealed this quick start guide.

Finally, I took this picture to show you how well the vacuum is packed.

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The picture below shows the various components that came in the box.

  • Cleaning brush with a built-in crevice tool.
  • Cleaning solution
  • Power adapter for charging base.
  • Holder for spare filter – one was already in the vacuum
  • Extra filter
  • Handle
  • Holder for an extra roller brush
  • Extra roller brush – one was already attached to the vacuum
  • User manual
  • The picture below shows the charging base

Hardware specs

  • Smarter Is Easier: Our proprietary iLoop™ Smart Sensor Technology takes the guesswork out of cleaning by detecting wet and dry dirt, debris, and other messes. Suction power, roller speed, and water flow automatically adjust to your mess. No more switching settings to adjust cleaning power.
  • Clean with Confidence: Monitor your mess with the smart iLoop™ display. The iLoop™ ring on the full-color LED screen changes from red to blue when your floor is clean.
  • Enhanced Edge Cleaning: Our exclusive brush head design provides optimized, streak-free cleaning along baseboards and into hard-to-reach corners.
  • Bigger Tanks, Longer Cleaning: Enjoy up to 35 minutes of cordless runtime thanks to iLoop™ smart battery optimization. Higher-capacity clean and dirty water tanks allow you to clean larger areas without interruption.
  • Quick Drying, No Streaks: Unlike traditional mopping, the FLOOR ONE S5 leaves your floors completely dry and streak-free in a matter of minutes. No more waiting for floors to dry after cleaning.
  • 35 min run time
  • 78db noise level
  • .8 liter clean water capacity and .7 liter dirty water capacity
  • self-cleaning feature


Setup was really easy.  First, I clicked the handle into the top of the S5. It could only go one way.  Here is a front shot of the S5.

I also took a side shot so you could see what it looked like.

The picture below is the back of the charging stand.  I plugged the power adaper in and placed the S5 on the charger.

I also took a picture of the charging stand with all of the accessories in place.  I do like how it has a place to hold all of the extra items.

I also took a close-up picture of the handle of the scrub brush.  It has a hook with a small blade inside that can be used to help clean the brush off of really long hairs that may get tangled inside.  Both my husband and I have short hair along with our dog, so I never got an opportunity to use that.  The brush is a nice tool to have when it comes to cleaning out the dirty water tank.

This is a close-up picture of the front of the S5 where you can see the handle to release the dirty water tank.  You place your hand under the hanging lip and press the silver button down to release the tank.

It will release from the top as shown below and expose the filter.

You pull the canister all the way out and remove the filter.  If you do not, chances are it will fall out on its own as you remove the top cap of the dirty water tank.

This is a picture with the top cap of the dirty water tank off.  This is how you would pour the water out.

There is a very important notation on the back of the tank.  With the dirty water holding all of your household gunk you definitely want to clean out this tank before putting the vacuum up.  Some people have complained of a smell from the vacuum, but I believe they never bothered to clean the tank out and let it dry before putting it back in for storage till the next use.

The clean water tank sits at the back of the unit.

You put your hand in the slot and push up.  The tank will release from the top just like the dirty water tank.   You tilt it forward and pull out the entire tank.

At the top of the tank is the cap where you will fill it with water.  You can add a cleaning solution if you wish.  You only add a capful of their solution to a single tank.  They did not include any kind of filling cup, but I found the cup used to fill my steamer mop worked perfectly.  You can also put it straight over your water faucet.

I used very warm water, and as you can see by the picture below, you do not want to use water over 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

The last feature I want to show is how easy it is to remove and clean the brush and brush area.  At the top of the brush area you can see two buttons that you squeeze inwards to release the top cover.

Here is a picture of the top cover removed exposing the brush.  You will want to clean out that top cover area including cleaning the brush after every use.

The brush is held in place by a hook on one side.

Pulling that silver hook out you can remove the brush to clean it and the area it was in.


I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures above, but my tile does an excellent job of hiding dirt and dog hair.  I thought my floor was pretty clean.  I have a robot vacuum that vacuums my entire home every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I used the S5 on Wednesday evening right after work.  The dog had spent most of the day sleeping on his bed in my office.   The picture below shows what the display looks like when the S5 is fully charged.  I still had the plastic covering over the display.  The S5 will speak to you letting you know when it is charging.  It will also speak and show on the display when the dirty or clean water tanks need emptying or filling up.

I hit the power button and the S5 went into auto mode.  The roller brush immediately started to spin wanting to pull it forward from my hand.   I never saw the iLoop ring display any other color than blue.  When using the auto mode, it never made any attempt to clean at a more aggressive level.  I had a lot of dust, fine dirt, and dog hair, but no real big messes to clean up.  I have read other reviews where the ring did start out red and turned blue as it got clean, so my floors must be cleaner than I thought.

The multi-spot button above the power button is how you change the mode.  Pressing that button will change it from auto to max and pressing it again will change it back to auto mode.   The first time I used the S5, I used it on the max mode the entire time.  Covering my almost 1800 square feet, I had to empty the dirty water tank 5 times.  The S5 does a really good job of vacuuming up the water it sprays down.  The S5 will want to roll forward on its own, but as you pull it back that is when the brush does its real scrubbing.  It ran for about 40 min at max mode for me before the battery died and I had to recharge it.  The next time I used it, I kept it in auto mode and was able to clean my entire floor with only two dirty water tanks and no recharging.

The picture below shows the dirty water from my first empty.  Dang, you only think your floors are clean!  In my defense, our backyard is nothing but dirt as we wait for a pool to be built.  Also there are several lots around my home where homes are still being built.  Dust is everywhere!!!!

This next shot shows the inside of the dirty water tank.  You can see how well the hair filter works.  I think our dog does not know winter is coming yet!

Here is a shot of the top of the dirty water tank and the fur accumulation there.   You can see why it is so important to clean the tank and roller when done.  I rinse them out really well and let them air dry.  I do the same with the roller brush.  I have had no issues with bad smells.

Another nice feature of the S5 is the self-clean button.  You press that down and it shoots clean water over the brush and kicks up the vacuum.  You simply put the S5 on its charging station and hold the button.

I would also like to mention in passing that they do have an app for the S5.  I loaded it but never used it for anything but checking the firmware.  It did not offer any real features except changing the setting which I can do on the S5 itself and history tracking.  I noted it did not show any history for me, but that could be because I did not have the app up when using the vacuum.

What I like

  • I love the separate clean and dirty water tanks. It reminds me of those expensive carpet cleaning machines you can rent.
  • The brush does a good job of cleaning the floor.
  • The vacuum picks up the majority of the water and any extra dust, dirt, and debris.
  • It is cordless and has enough power to clean my entire 1800 square feet in auto mode.
  • It talks to you and the display shows when you need to empty the dirty water tank or add water to the clean tank.
  • Responsive customer service

What needs to be improved

  • The app does not add much if anything to the tool.  Firmware updates are probably the only thing I would use it for.
  • More battery time or a replaceable battery when using max mode.

Final thoughts

Thanks to this review, the Tineco Floor ONE S5 Smart Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is the new tool I use all of the time to clean my floors.  I rarely if ever use my steam mop anymore.  A regular mop seems so dirty now since you end up reusing the same water over and over again.

Update – 10/20/2021

Well, my floors got dirtier after we had over five inches of rain one day.  The last time I used the mop/vacuum, I saw the circle start to show red in places where the floor was extra dirty.  It was very cool to see it slowly change to blue as I swept over the area multiple times.

Price: $499.99
Where to buy: Tineco, Amazon, and Best Buy
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Tineco.

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