WESN’s new Microblade pocket knife is a stunner!

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NEWS – This one is for all of the people who shun same ol’ same ol’ designs in favor of eye-catching EDC gear. WESN has teamed up with Glidr to create the WESN x Glider Microblade Collection of knives. These knives feature premium D2 blade steel with engraved aluminum and titanium scales. Available in 4 colors, the knife is WESN’s existing Microblade, but with way more style. I love the Glidr geometric pattern and the bold color choices. The knife even comes with a matching bead. If you want this knife, you better hurry over to WESN.com with $110 before they sell out. Also, be sure to check out our WESN MICROBLADE 2.0 knife review.

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8 thoughts on “WESN’s new Microblade pocket knife is a stunner!”

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  2. A nice looking, non threatening piece, however since labor is about 15 yuan ($1.75 hr.), the price point seems unrealistic, if I were Chinese I’d carry one, but my loyalties lean towards American labor.

    1. I agree
      Absolutely no need to build the Chinese military any stronger with American dollars and lives. Not to mention the dlave labor that creates the cheep price.

  3. Kenneth Burkhalter

    Do not buy Chinese anything…., I want quality over price. You get what you pay for. Thanks for other replies meaning the same thing, China is an enemy of the U. S.

  4. I Bought one of the first ones in S35VN and the attention to detail was absolutely pathetic all the barrels between scales are different lengths. I spent hours sanding then so the pressure on the pivot want punching making it difficult to open. Even now it’s hard to open even with the flipper, forget about the thumb stud.i have E mailed WESN multiple times with no response! And yes way over priced such is dead because they are cool pieces. I also agree no more Chinese made anything but also sick of over priced American made products, prices are all out of control on knives. I’ll give my money to custom hand made knives from now on! 1

  5. Mark Field-Carter

    At least you guys in the USA can buy and carry knives. Here in the UK the local constabulary will feel your collar if you dare put a blade in your pocket. Let’s face it; if some idiot wants to do damage with a knife, they can do it with a kitchen knife, a craft knife, something sharp from the local DIY store. Same old story. A few fools spoil it for everyone. If I’m out on the farm without a decent knife on me, I will need one. If I leave it in my pocket while on the street then technically I’m breaking the law. I could end up getting locked up in the choky for trying to get on with my work. In a sensible world I would carry a decent sized knife all the time. 6” / 10” would be about right for my needs. What can I carry legally? 3” blade. Better than nothing but nowhere near ideal. Count your blessings in the USA.

    1. Most states a 5″ blade is legal limit for carry however they don’t make it very clear in the details of the law like is it tip to hilt or 5″ overall plus it can’t be like 80 million different styles of blade or “look” scary it’s getting pretty ridiculous. I personally carry a 4″ blade 8 and a half overall but I know if I ever need to use it I’m fucked cause I’m military trained and they will use something about the style of blade to screw me over so what I’m trying to say is it ain’t ant better here bud so I feel your pain

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