Mpowerd Luci Beam 2 in 1 Solar Headlamp and Flashlight review

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REVIEW  I have a bunch of headlamps but the Mpowerd Luci Beam 2 in 1 Solar Headlamp and Flashlight brings a new concept to the game by combining a headlamp with a flashlight body that also has a solar panel. Let’s see if the Mpowerd Luci Beam is on to something.   

What is it?

Mpowerd has added to its impressive solar light options with a new spin on the headlamp. The Luci Beam uses a magnetic base to quickly switch from a headlamp to a flashlight. The flashlight handle also has a built-in solar panel so it can charge off the grid. 

What’s in the box?

  • 1 headlamp body 
  • 1 headlamp mount
  • 1 flashlight body
  • 1 headband/wrist strap 
  • 1 USB-C cable

Hardware Specs

Light Source

  • 2 white LEDs / 2 red LEDs
  • Battery indicator 
  • Water Resistant: IPX4

Headlamp specs

  • 650 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • White High mode: 300 lumens – 2 hours     
  • White Medium: 100 Lumens – 6 hours
  • White Low: 10 lumens – 24 hours
  • Dimensions: 62 W x 45 L x 35 H mm
  • USB charge time: 2 hours 

Flashlight specs

  • 4,000 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • White High mode: 300 lumens – 4 hours     
  • White Medium: 100 Lumens – 12 hours
  • White Low: 10 lumens – 30 hours
  • Dimensions: 62 W x 149 L x 35 H mm
  • USB charge time: 8 hours

Design and Features:

The Mpowerd Luci Beam 2 in 1 Solar Headlamp and Flashlight is a long name for such a great idea. When camping or around the house there have been instances where I need a headlamp and sometimes I need a flashlight. The Luci Beam has combined the two and then added a solar panel to the flashlight body!  Such a neat idea and solves the problem of forgetting spare AAA batteries. Just leave the flashlight body on top of your tent and it’ll charge while you’re out and about.


Normally I like to peruse the user manual or instructions when first charging up a new device but in this case, Mpowerd Luci Beam did not include either. I looked online as well and they were not available so I had to play around with the one button a bit but got the gist pretty quickly. Single clicks cycle through the 7 functions of White LED low, med, high, strobe then red low, high, strobe, and off. In any setting, a long press turns the light off without having to cycle through. Unfortunately, a long press again does not return to the last used setting.


You have two white LEDs that are good for 10 lumens on low, 100 lumens on medium, and 300 lumens on high. If you want to use it for trail running 300 lumens was plenty bright enough in total darkness and I was able to clearly see the trail or the fence on the other side of my backyard, especially with 90 degrees of adjustable tilt to get the right angle. The separate red LED specs were not stated but I would guess their brightness at 10 lumens for low and 20 for high.  For camping and where you want to maintain night vision, the lower power is perfect.

The headband was easy to adjust and comfortable with a two buckle design to prevent having a buckle rest directly on the back of your head.

Battery life is pretty good in the headlamp mode with high lasting 2 hours, medium 6 hours, and low lasting 24 hours. With the flashlight body, you get double the time in most settings thanks to the larger battery.  The headlamp rotates 90 degrees to give a great range of adjustment.

What I like

  • Easy conversion from headlamp to flashlight
  • Powerful magnetic bases in both modes

What I’d change

  • Return to last setting option

Mpowerd Luci Beam 18

Final thoughts

The Mpowerd Luci Beam 2 in 1 Solar Headlamp and Flashlight is one of those things where you wonder why someone didn’t think of this sooner. Very usable brightness with good battery life and the ability to convert from headlamp to flashlight with a click is great but then adding a solar panel to charge the flashlight handle independently from the light source is ingenious. Well done Mpowerd on bringing a new twist to the headlamp field.

Price: $64.95
Where to buy: Mpowerd or Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Mpowerd.

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