Luxear fresh food container set review – save your fresh food longer

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REVIEW – There is an old joke about buying healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and then throwing them away a week later since they rotted in the refrigerator.  That used to be funny before food prices started climbing faster than Olympic rock climbers. Luxear aims to help protect your precious fresh edibles with its line of fresh food keepers. Do they deserve some of your precious fridge real estate?  Lettuce see (see what I did there?).

What is it?

The Luxear fresh food container set is a set of three fresh food storage containers in three sizes.  Each size comes with a strainer, divider, or both, plus a latching and ventilated lid.

What’s in the box?

luxear freshkeeper 2

  • Small container with lid and strainer
  • Medium container with lid, bottom strainer, and horizontal divider
  • Large container with lid, strainer, and vertical/horizontal divider

Hardware specs

  • Material: clear acrylic resin (BPA-free)

luxear freshkeeper 15

Design and features

luxear freshkeeper 13

The Luxear fresh food container set is designed to store easily with all three containers and pieces nesting together.

There is no user manual.  All instructions are printed on the box.

luxear freshkeeper 14

luxear freshkeeper 16

Note the red writing above and the warning below.

luxear freshkeeper 17

OK, I get that a fresh food container might not be microwave safe, but not dishwasher safe?  That seems like a design failure to me.

The large container comes with a full-sized strainer basket.

luxear freshkeeper 12

It also comes with a divider that lets you stack two levels of food. You can also see the drain plug at the bottom.

luxear freshkeeper 11

Alternatively, you can fold the divider and turn this into a side-by-side split container.

luxear freshkeeper 10

The lid has two latches that securely hold the lid in place.  Two dial-style vents allow you to let in some fresh air or completely seal the unit.

luxear freshkeeper 9

The medium container does not have a full strainer but does have a draining false bottom that keeps food out of moisture.

luxear freshkeeper 8

A horizontal divider lets you stack two levels of food.

luxear freshkeeper 7

Here is a closer look at the drain plug on the bottom of the container.

luxear freshkeeper 6

The lid is the same design as the larger container.

luxear freshkeeper 5

The small container has a full strainer but no dividers.

luxear freshkeeper 4

luxear freshkeeper 3


Everything should be washed by hand before use.  Then, put in the strainers and dividers as needed and start putting in the food.


We were about to leave for an 11-day road trip.  We had some fresh stuff in the fridge. This sure seemed like an opportunity to see how the Luxear fresh food containers worked. I stored everything Sunday night.  After getting home, we were busy for a couple of days so I didn’t get around to checking everything until the following Saturday morning – 13 days later.

I started by putting some romaine lettuce in the large container.

luxear freshkeeper 19

Generally, lettuce doesn’t like air, so I sealed it up.

luxear freshkeeper 18

Here is the lettuce almost two weeks later.

luxear freshkeeper 25

You can see very slight browning on the stalks, but wow – the leaves look nice and fresh.  I call that a win.

Now, the rougher test…strawberries.  We had just purchased a box and didn’t get into them too much before we left.

I left one in the original vented container from the grocery store.  This is what it looked like when we got back.

luxear freshkeeper 24

Yup, it was getting fuzzy.

Here are the berries in the Luxear container.

luxear freshkeeper 21

Because the original container was ventilated, I opened the vents.

luxear freshkeeper 20

Here are the berries now.

luxear freshkeeper 23

Yeah – some of them are looking a little fuzzy.

luxear freshkeeper 22

To be fair, this is a tough test as strawberries rot very quickly.  Generally, they only last for a week or so, and this test doubled that.  The fact that many of the berries still looked good was a win as far as I am concerned.

What I like

  • They stack for storage
  • Nice internal options with strainers, dividers, and variable ventilated lids
  • Nicely clear and BPA-free for safe and handy food storage
  • Generally, they did a good job keeping fresh food fresh

What I’d change

  • Not being able to toss these in the dishwasher is a big miss

Final thoughts

Overall, the Luxear fresh food keepers seem to do what they say – keep fresh food fresh.  They also stack nicely, helping to organize the food in your fridge.  The fact that you can easily see into the containers make finding the food you want easier in a full fridge.  Thoughtful design touches like strainers, liquid drains, and internal dividers make this a versatile set. I just wish they could be cleaned in the dishwasher. With food prices skyrocketing, anything that can make it so you don’t waste food is a great thing.

Price: $39.99
Where to buy: Amazon (Save 10% with coupon code: IPYRCL43     expires:07-20-2032)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Luxear.

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