Westinghouse 32” 3-in-1 bladeless tower fan with air purifier review

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Westinghouse fan WSFBLA022WH 8

REVIEW – How many fans does a house need? Apparently, at least one per room. So I grabbed the Westinghouse 32″ 3-in-1 Bladeless Tower Fan review offer so my office could be complete.

What is it?

The Westinghouse WSFBLA022WH is a 32″ 3-in-1 Bladeless Tower Fan with Air Purifier, UV Sterilization, Touch-Sensitive Control, and 80° Oscillation Function.

What’s in the box?

  • Westinghouse WSFBLA022WH tower fan
  • Filter
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adapter

Westinghouse fan WSFBLA022WH 1

Hardware specs

  • 80° oscillation function
  • 35W motor 
  • 9 Air speeds
  • Decibel rating below 55db 
  • 8-hour timer
  • Auto tipping power off
  • HEPA 13/14 filter
  • UV light sterilization
  • Available in Black or White
  • 32″ tall, 10 lbs

Design and features

My office is an odd space, or so it seems sometimes. Being located in the basement, it has no windows, one door, and is very quiet. If my furnace is not running, there’s no air circulating, and it just seems stuffy.

I received the Westinghouse 32″ 3-in-1 Bladeless Tower Fan for review and immediately put it to work, making my office a bit more comfortable. That’s, of course, after taking the obligatory product photos.

The Westinghouse WSFBLA022WH is advertised as a bladeless fan, but most “bladeless fans” aren’t really bladeless. There is still a fan, but the blades are just not exposed. Not having exposed blades does make it safer for children and can also help with noise reduction.

The fan has a reasonably large HEPA filter with a pre-filter installed. The filter is easy to install, just twist the top cover a little and lift it off, drop in the filter, and replace the cover. I ran the unit for about 8 hours a day for 30 days and did not notice any dust build-up on the filter.

Westinghouse fan WSFBLA022WH 2
Cover and filter removed
Westinghouse fan WSFBLA022WH 3
Filter Installed

The remote control is a handy feature. I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat down only to need to get back up to turn on a fan. The remote can control all unit functions except the tilt; that’s something you have to set manually. The unit tilts back and forward about 18°.

Westinghouse fan WSFBLA022WH 10
The remote control lets you control everything

As for controls, there is an 8-hour timer function, UV light sterilization, an 80° oscillation function, on/off, and nine levels of airspeed all available from the remote control. You can also turn the unit on and off with the touch button above the digital screen.

Westinghouse fan WSFBLA022WH 9
Easy to read speed display, which turns off after about 20 seconds

Air speeds 1 through 5 are fairly quiet, with 6 through 9 becoming a bit louder, which I don’t mind. I really enjoy the oscillation function and its 80° range. It really helps move air around the room.

The design of the Westinghouse WSFBLA022WH bladedless tower fan is also great, giving a bit of modern design to my office space.

Westinghouse fan WSFBLA022WH 7
Attractive design yet functional

What I like

  • Quiet
  • Great oscillation range
  • Remote Control

What I’d change

  • Nothing I can think of

Final thoughts

Overall, I really like the Westinghouse WSFBLA022WH bladeless tower fan. The fan is also available in black. It’s lightweight and easy to transport to another room if needed.

Price: $299.99 (Black $269.99)
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Westinghouse.

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