Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon review

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REVIEW – Kids mean having to have one of everything with you at all times. Strollers help contain some of the chaos but most of the time they don’t have enough space for everything under the sun. This is where the Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon comes into play. A combination between a wagon and a stroller it provides plenty of space to tuck away all the odds and ends needed for a day out while still providing a safe and secure place for baby to sit. The raised seats give baby the ability to look around and interact easier than a traditional stroller as well while the adjustable canopy prevents sunburn on a hot day.

What is it?

The Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon is a deluxe wagon and stroller in one.

What’s in the box?

  • Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller body
  • Rear wheels (2x)
  • Front wheels (2x)
  • Seat units (2x)
  • Canopy
  • Rear basket
  • Brake set
  • Stroller baseboard
  • Handle strap
  • User manual

Hardware Specs

  • Dimensions: refer to image below
  • Age Group: 6+ Months
  • Wagon Weight: 55 lbs, with seats
  • Wagon Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Wagon Seat Capacity: 45 lbs per seat

Wonderfold W2 29

Design and Features

Wonderfold W2 1 1

The Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon comes disassembled in a large box but it’s not that hard to put together. No tools are needed to put it together and the instructions are pretty clear except for one or two minor things I noted in this review.

Wonderfold W2 27

So the instructions first say to stand off to the side of the stroller and push smoothly downwards on both sides of the hinges. It fails to tell you there’s a locking mechanism that keeps it closed. I stood there like an idiot pushing and pulling at it for a few minutes before I realized there was locked. Perhaps I’m just a bit dense as it makes total sense to have a locking mechanism and I really appreciate that because of it, the wagon will not unfold by itself but it would have been nice of them to mention that in the instructions so I don’t look so stupid.

Wonderfold W2 2

Once it’s folded out, there is a locking mechanism as well on the side to prevent it from folding back up and stabilize it. The snaps on the liner are really nice. They are very firm and require a decent amount of pressure to snap them together but nothing excessive. I honestly prefer that they require a bit of force as this means it also requires quite a bit of torque to pop them open.

Wonderfold W2 4

On the bottom side of the wagon there is a Velcro loop to use to fasten the liner to the bottom frame. This helps insure that the liner stays in place and doesn’t shift around while in use.

Wonderfold W2 3

The front wheels are nice and large and provide very little rolling resistance. They also have a shock spring in them that help dampen some of the impact. They are super easy to install you just push in until you hear them click into place. In order to remove the front wheels, you will have to push in the small receiver pin with a small implement like a flat head screwdriver and then pull off the wheel. 

The back wheels are attached using the brake assembly. The back wheels are held in using a large metal pin in a plastic clip. 

Wonderfold W2 24

The brake mechanism locks both back wheels by pushing a metal post into plastic gears on each of the wheels. To engage the brake, you press down on the brake bar and it locks into place, pulling it upwards disengages it. It takes enough upward force to unlock the brake that I wasn’t able to do it barefoot. Stepping down on it was fine, but the underside of the brake paddle is not designed with bare feet in mind.

Wonderfold W2 5

On the underside of each side flap that covers the center hinge is a small magnet. It attaches to the middle support pole of the wagon and helps keep the flaps from randomly flipping up or shifting about. The magnet itself could be slightly stronger or longer so it stays better but it’s that kind of attention to detail that really impressed me about the Wagonfold.

Wonderfold W2 6

The bottom of the wagon without the pad in it would definitely not be something you’d want to sit in or put anything in because there’s no support on the bottom, just metal tubing. Once the pad is installed, it is a lot sturdier. It is just corrugated plastic covered in vinyl like fabric but it provides a lot of support.

Wonderfold W2 7

Each of the mesh sides has a privacy or wind guard that zips up and hides in the built-in zipper pocket. Once you unzip the pocket and unroll it, it attaches to the bottom edge of the sides with Velcro. I love that they’re built-in and there isn’t an extra piece to lose or forget at home. They are also not big and bulky when zipped away so they aren’t taking up any leg room.

Wonderfold W2 8

The front of the wagon has a large zipper door that you can open and close to allow kids to easily enter and exit on their own. This is really nice as it allows for the wagon to turn into a playpen or a crib. It also allows the kids the ability to get in and out on their own. One minor caveat is there isn’t a way to roll up or fasten it. Instead, it just flops open and closed. I think it was a safety concern as you wouldn’t want to leave it open while the wagon is moving but if it was stationary it would have been a nice feature. On the front of the door is a large pouch with a Velcro closure. This means that items in the pouch won’t fall out if the door is opened. It’s big enough to store a few toys and maybe a water bottle and diapers but it’s not huge. The pocket is not insulated, but it is lightly padded like the rest of the wagon.

Wonderfold W2 9

The one feature that completely baffled me and seemed like an afterthought is this nylon strap. It’s supposed to be used to pull the wagon from the front which in itself is a good idea as sometimes pulling is more effective than pushing. However, the correct way to install it is to loop it around the front tube. While technically secure, nothing prevents it from sliding around on the tube resulting in you pulling the wagon from an off-center position. It also could slip to the side while on a slope and cause jarring. If there was a solid secure attachment point in the center of the tube, this strap would make much more sense but as it is now, it seems dangerous and is something I will never use. I will personally repurpose the strap and attach it to the side of the wagon and use it as a place for a toddler to hold on to while walking to keep them close.

Wonderfold W2 10

Installing the canopy is super easy. There is a little tab on each of the four corners that lock the canopy in position. If the tab is facing inwards towards the wagon, it is unlocked, and outwards is locked. It takes a bit of force to lock the canopy hoops in place but since you don’t want the hoops to slide down, they need to be stiff.

Wonderfold W2 11

The canopy fabric has a tube sewn in on either side where the canopy hoops are threaded through. The fabric is nice and stretchy so is easy to install on the wagon yet provides enough tension that it doesn’t sag. The canopy hoops slide into the holes on each corner of the wagon and can be adjusted to the height that you prefer. The canopy itself can be slid along the hoops to block the sun from either side or be pushed all the way down onto the wagon to create a quiet place to nap if need be.

Wonderfold W2 13

On the back side of the wagon, there is a basket attachment. It has a solid metal tube running around the top of it making it quite sturdy, and capable of holding up to 11 pounds. I worry that because of the metal support that perhaps a kid might think it is strong enough to stand on and try to step on it so that is something to keep in mind. It is not insulated but it is slightly padded. The top zips closed and there are quite a few little pockets on the outside for putting miscellaneous items.Wonderfold W2 14

Two of the little pockets on the sides of the basket are for storing the canopy hoops when they are not in use. On each side of the back of the wagon, there is a nylon loop with a snap that supports the top half of the canopy hoops while the ends slide into a side pocket on the basket below. I love that you are able to store the canopy on the wagon itself so if it is not needed it can be put away and won’t be forgotten at home. In order to put the canopy hoops away, you do need to move the handle to a completely vertical position temporarily to get enough clearance to slide the ends into the pockets. But once the canopy is stored away, you can readjust the handle to any angle and the hoops don’t get in the way of its range of motion.

Wonderfold W2 12

The handle has a genuine leather zipper cover that is removable. Underneath there is firm foam padding which is plenty comfortable on its own if the leather is not your cup of tea. On each side at the base of the handle is a large button that needs to be depressed to adjust the handle. This means that adjusting it is a two-handed operation which isn’t that big of a deal in itself but once again is something to keep in mind if you are frequently adjusting it.

Wonderfold W2 23

The Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon’s handle can be locked 9 different angles from about 0 degrees to 180 degrees. The lowest two levels are not available if you’re storing the canopy under the handle as it occupies that space, but I doubt anyone is really going to be using the very lowest settings unless you’re folding the wagon up for storage.

Wonderfold W2 22

The seats install super easily with four large plastic clips, two on each side, that clamp around the top tube of the wagon, and a buckle on the back of the seat. You can choose to install one or both of the seats making the space in the wagon quite flexible if you have a single child or a child that is old enough to walk. It is important to note that these seats are not designed for children under six months. There is not enough support for a child who isn’t strong enough to hold up their own head and torso. The harnesses are a safety measure not for physical support.

Wonderfold W2 21

The reclining feature of the seats isn’t that fancy, all it is is the ability to attach the seats a little further in towards the center of the wagon. You do want to make sure that the back of the seat is still touching the edge of the wagon frame itself just for some extra support but so they don’t actually recline much, just a little bit. There’s also important to note that the clips will have to go over the side pockets on the wagon, it’s not an issue, it is just a little bit of a tighter fit for the clips.

Wonderfold W2 16

On the back of each seat, there is a tiny little pocket to store little items such as a binky, keys, or sunglasses. It is not very big or padded.

Wonderfold W2 17

Each seat also has a small mesh pocket so then the kids can store their own little goodies and trinkets.

Wonderfold W2 15

The shoulder straps are slightly adjustable with three different heights available. However, it is very hard to adjust the straps as it requires you to slip your hand inside the cover of the seat from the bottom and maneuver the plastic ends through the slots cut in the plastic hollow core board. The fabric does not stretch making the space very tight and hard to get into. On a level of one to installing a car seat, adjusting the height of the shoulder straps is about a five. The space requires very small hands, and it took me about 5 minutes to adjust the straps on one of the seats. Definitely not impossible but you need to make sure that you get the strap facing the right way so it’s not twisted and the strap often gets bunched up so it’s very hard to get it through the slit in an appropriate manner. This is not an adjustment you’d want to make last-minute or while under a time crunch.

Wonderfold W2 18

The five-part point safety harness is magnetic making it quite simple and convenient to use. The shoulder straps and the strap that goes between the legs have padding and all of the straps are adjustable as well.

Wonderfold W2 19

The waist straps slide into the shoulder strap to create a half-circle on each side, then magnetically overlap to create a full circle. The strap between the legs has the actual latch on it and is held in place as well with magnets. To release the buckle, depress both sides of the circle and the buckle will split into three pieces.

Wonderfold W2 20

Because each of the waist belts slide into its corresponding side for the shoulder strap it means you can keep the shoulder strap and waist strap attached together. This means that an older child would be able to buckle themselves by sticking their arms through each loop and connecting the leg strap.

Wonderfold W2 26

With both seats installed there’s a significant reduction of leg room, about six to eight inches between the two seats. It’s great for kids who are willing to share, but it may cause problems when kids are fussy and tired.

Wonderfold W2 25

The Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon folds up in any configuration with minor adjustments, you don’t need to remove the seats or even the canopy. The canopy needs to be pushed all the way down if left in place and the buckles on the back of the seats need to be released to allow for a bit more movement while folding. It does a little cumbersome to try to shove it closed but with a bit of finagling, it locks closed perfectly. I love the fact that even when it’s closed, you can just push it around like it was open! It is in on a smaller wheelbase so it’s a little unsteady but much more convenient to push it than to try to carry it.

This guy is a beast, it weighs a ton, 55 pounds to be exact. It is not a small stroller you can easily pop in and out of your vehicle and while easily maneuverable, it is not small. Definitely, something you’d use for a long day trip on pretty flat terrain with large open areas. One thing I noticed as a smaller person is how easy it is to push. The large wheels reduce the rolling resistance and it almost glides across the ground. However, I struggled to see anything within six feet of me. The wagon blocked my view of the ground and with the canopy, it made seeing almost impossible.

Due to privacy reasons, there are no pictures of the Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon in use as I borrowed a friend’s children to test it out and she requested I refrain from taking photos. The short walk I took her three-year-old son and one and half year old daughter was fun! The wagon handled all of the cracks and lifts in the sidewalk perfectly and it took very little effort to get the wheels to go over the uneven surface. Popping the daughter in and out of the wagon when she wanted to walk was super convenient with the magnetic buckle and so far neither of them figured out how to unbuckle themselves even though they tried. I’m pretty sure with enough time the three-year-old would have figured it out so that is something to keep in mind if you purchase the wagon.

Another thing that I noticed as a short person was how high I had to lift the kids to get them in and out. If you struggle lifting things this may not be a good choice for you as every time a kid wants in or out, it requires lifting them up and over the sides of the wagon. It becomes even more of a challenge if the canopy is up as you have to thread the needle with a squirmy kid. The storage basket on the back was the perfect size to store our snacks and water bottles, while the three-year-old insisted on putting rocks in his mesh pouch on his seat. Overall I loved the wagon and how easy it was to take everything needed along without having to carry an extra backpack.

What I like

  • The large all-terrain wheels
  • The seats are high up giving kids a larger field of view
  • Everything is adjustable

What I’d change

  • Finish the underside of the brake paddle so it doesn’t hurt to disengage the brake with bare feet.
  • A better method to pull the wagon than the random strap
  • A new way to adjust the height of the shoulder straps

Final thoughts

This wagon is the king of all wagons. The insane adjustability and flexibility mean it can be adapted for almost any situation. While very heavy and large, it does provide a large secure place for kids to rest and plenty of carrying space for their toys. The Wonderfold W2 Luxe Double Stroller Wagon is a must for anyone who needs to carry the kitchen sink with them.

Price: $659
Where to buy: Wonderfold or Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Wonderfold

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