Paper Shoot is an eco-friendly camera that you assemble yourself

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NEWS – Most people already have a camera in their pocket all the time since cameras are built into our smartphones. But for those people who don’t want to use their phones for everything or just like cameras in general, the Paper Shoot digital camera is an interesting alternative to smartphone cameras.

Paper Shoot cameras come in a variety of styles and feature an easy-to-assemble design that includes the 16MP camera board, rechargeable batteries, camera strap, and an outer “case” made of stone paper. It’s up to you to supply the SD card as well as the optional add-on macro and wide-angle lenses.

The camera is capable of taking 16MP images and there’s a switch that will let you toggle between normal, black & white, blue, and sepia filters. The Paper Shoot camera can also shoot video which is recorded in 10-second clips or as a 30-minute timelapse.

You can buy a Paper Shoot camera for $120 from and Amazon.

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  2. I can’t imagine using this instead of my phone. It’s inferior in every way. And people who like cameras like real cameras, not toys.

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