Play Amazon’s stamp game and Amazon will give you $10 for FREE!

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NEWS – If you’re all set for Amazon Prime Day which is coming next week, I am going to tell you how you can earn an extra $10 credit that you can spend on cool stuff by doing things you probably already do every day! All you have to do is earn 4 stamps between now and 7/13/22 and Amazon will give you $10. How do you earn stamps? You do each of these activities:

  • Make a Prime-eligible purchase
  • Stream a show on Prime Video
  • Listen to a song with Amazon Music Prime
  • Borrow an eBook on Prime Reading (you don’t even need to read it! Just borrow it)

Go to the Prime Day scavenger hunt page to activate your Stampcard now and earn a $10 credit!

Update 7/7/22

I got my $10 credit! It took 2 days of waiting for the streaming video to be validated. That’s the only step that required any waiting.

17 thoughts on “Play Amazon’s stamp game and Amazon will give you $10 for FREE!”

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    1. Hmmmmm, do you mean for the first stamp (buying something?)? I didn’t know that. I just ordered some cartridges for a label maker. They were an Amazon Choice pick. I do see that that the order is fulfilled by Amazon. It shows that on the right side of the product page if you scroll down to see where it ships from. I’m not sure how to sort on that criteria though…

      1. I haven’t been able to find a way to sort on “sold by Amazon”. I don’t think “fullfilled by” or “ships by” is the same thing based on the terms.

        Nothing I can find so far has let me use the cert.

      1. Well, it just worked for me as well, and neither item I bought was “sold by Amazon”, so whatever it worked…

  2. Do you have to watch the entire show for the “stream a show” badge? Or just start one? (I would happily watch the whole thing just in a time crunch)

    1. I just put it in the background to watch the whole thing. I also have a plugin/extension for Chrome that speeds up video so I put it to the max, muted, and played the video through to the end. Note that it won’t show up as one of your stamps for up to 2 days.

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