The Vabroom is a traditional broom with a hidden superpower!

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NEWS – It feels like we’ve reviewed hundreds of robot vacuums and I’m not going to diss them because I actually have 3 of them in my house! I rarely use an old-school corded vacuum anymore. But there are many times when a robot vacuum is overkill for small cleaning tasks. That’s where the Vabroom can really shine. It looks like a traditional manual broom and it is. BUT, it’s also a vacuum! That’s right, this broom also sucks – up messes with its built-in 20,000 RPM battery-power motor. It also does not require special bags for the dirt or filters because you just dump the gunk when you’re done cleaning. How great is that? Want one? The Vabroom is $79.99 on Amazon.

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7 thoughts on “The Vabroom is a traditional broom with a hidden superpower!”

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  2. The nozzle looks rather narrow. It would be a pain to try to suck up a significant area. It would, however, work really well to get those last bits that are so hard to sweep into the dustpan.

    1. I think it’s really supposed to be instead of a dustpan – you sweep it all up into a pile, then vacuum the pile up.

      Which would be great if it works well. But that’s a bit of an if.

  3. I used to these (or something VERY similar) at the county fair exhibit hall years ago. The demo is pretty much just eliminating the need for the dust pan, and having to stoop over. They always seamed to work well in the demos, but you know how demos work.

  4. Just saw this on Shark Tank – well my 13 year old daughter was binge watching it. A future Gadgeteer I am thinking. Seemed to work well though they had difficulty opening up the trash storage compartment. I was surprised when they said it only cost about $17 to make. Seems like a big onarkup to sell it for $80 on Amazon.

  5. I funded this on Kickstarter, and it’s a great product that I like a lot and use all of the time. The vacuum does replace a dustpan, and it works remarkably well. It has a strong suction that makes short work of swept up piles.

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