Halfbike lets you stand while you pedal!

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NEWS – eBikes are very popular right now and I know this because we have published quite a few eBike reviews, with more on the way. But what if you want a unique new bicycle that doesn’t rely on a battery but uses good old-fashioned human pedal power? That’s where the Halfbike is worth a look. The Halfbike features a folding tricycle design with a large wheel up front and two smaller wheels in the back.  But instead of sitting, you stand the whole time you’re on it. This bike will work out your legs and give you a nice cardio workout at the same time. The Halfbike won the reddot design award so you know it’s something special. Want to order one or learn more about it? It’s priced at $899 from halfbikes.com

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  2. I once tried a different type of standing bike that had two wheels like a standard bike – I couldn’t work out balancing it. While this looks like it could be more stable with the tri-wheel configuration, I do note on their site they warn it will take a while to get the hang of balancing. FYI I also note they have a locator for (non-employee) riders willing to show theirs to potential customers – https://halfbikes.com/playground . Unfortunately there is none closer than 100+ miles to me 🙁

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