You can use this crossbow to kill miniature vampires

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ghosthunter crossbow 4

NEWS – The Ghost Hunter One mini crossbow has everything a vampire slayer could want in an EDC pocket crossbow. This little handmade crossbow is designed to shoot toothpicks and features an infrared red light to help you successfully aim and fire the miniature stakes… I mean toothpicks 10-15 meters. The Ghost Hunter One mini crossbow is available with black or silver stainless steel and is priced at $79.99 from It looks like fun but they say that it’s all fun and games until you get shot in the eye with a toothpick.

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ghosthunter crossbow 1

ghosthunter crossbow 2

7 thoughts on “You can use this crossbow to kill miniature vampires”

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  2. one of the advantages to having been a feral boy in the 50s and 60s is the wide range of skills one accumulated

    toothpicks as projectiles being one

    attach a spitwad or a ball of fluff from a cotton ball to one end, then blow it out of a straw or bic pen tube
    the pick would pierce an orange across the room

    a bamboo skewer puffed out of pvc pipe or emt will jet across the yard and penetrate a shed’s siding…that is one i shouldn’t have taught my boys 🙁

    we used make match shooters from clothespins and strike anywhere matches
    they could launch toothpicks as well…with zero accuracy

    both less expensive than your crossbow but not nearly as cool

      1. yep…all my parts are real and intact
        their functionality is somewhat truncated, but i’m old

        calculation versus recklessness is the key

        a few instances of not enough information but all in all a successful run

  3. Looks like a great way to load the skewers before grilling. ‘Honey, stay outa the kitchen for a few minutes.’ Thwak, thwak… thwak.

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