This is a real EDC knife with replaceable blades

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NEWS – Do you appreciate the convenience of replaceable blades like you see with box cutters or utility knives? Then you should check out the True Swift Edge Replaceable Blade Knife that puts that feature into the form factor of a real pocket knife with a full-sized blade.

This knife features a G10 composite handle, a ball-bearing flipper mechanism, and a patent-pending two-step blade release system that makes it easy to switch the blade when it becomes dull or you need extra functionality like the ability to saw.

The True Swift Edge Replaceable Blade Knife comes with four blades: one tanto, two drop points, and one saw. If you want to add this knife to your EDC, head over to where it’s $49.99 and a 5pk of replacement drop point blades are $24.99. And if you’re looking for a bargain on a similarly designed knife, head over to Amazon where I found a replaceable blade knife for $25.95 and it even comes with 7 blades.

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6 thoughts on “This is a real EDC knife with replaceable blades”

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  2. a guy up the street uses a similar but more expensive knife
    it’s razor-sharp…well the blades are razors, duh!

    he still hunts
    so his knife field dresses whatever he wants to eat

    we’re both knife freaks…i mean enthusiasts…and discuss the merits and shortcomings of whatever we use

    the pros are obvious sharp and easy to carry

    the cons not so obvious…

    they are a bugger to clean, stuff gets everywhere…even pocket lint and that bolster is going to be a crap magnet

    in the case of this knife the thick bolster that carries the blade is going to be an issue…esp. when using the saw…the kerf is many times narrower then the bolster affecting your depth/length of cut

    another pro is if you are into interchangeable blades this knife might worth a try at the price

  3. Blades are 8Cr14MoV which do NOT hold an edge for long. You can’t sharpen these ‘blades’, so you’ll go through replacements frequently. Rather than spending ~$75 on a knife and blades, purchase a better knife (a Kershaw Leek for ~$50) and a knife sharpener.

  4. You can cut a quarter of the depth of a medium branch with the saw, for vegetables and fruits it depends but don’t try it if you don’t like extensive cleaning.
    And don’t try heavy work with it either with that super thin (box cutter like) blade because it will break and probably take a piece of your flesh in the process.

    But do try it to cut boxes, if you prefer expensive boxcutters with expensive blades 😬

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