The Gingko Octagon One Plus is the most unique alarm clock lamp I’ve seen this year

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NEWS – Yeah, I know that the title verges on being clickbait but I’m not lying. The Gingko Octagon One Plus is the most interesting alarm clock light that I’ve seen this year. Granted the current year is only 7 days old and this is the first alarm clock light I’ve seen so far in 2022. The Octagon One Plus features a hexagon base that is made of wood. The shape of the base allows for the interesting positioning of the LED lamp. The base also features a touch-controlled digital clock. The clock disappears until you tap the base and allows for alarms that beep or you can use the lamp to gradually wake you up. Like many decorative products like this one, the price is steep at $169 from the UK-based Gingko Design and $142.99 from Amazon.

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