This is the craziest slingshot you’ve ever seen!

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NEWS – The Handbaige slingshot is unlike any slingshot I’ve ever seen. Instead of a Y-shaped handle with a rubber band that just shoots rocks, the Handbaige slingshot shoots rocks, arrows, and can even be used for fishing! That’s right, this slingshot has a built-in fishing reel. It also has a flashlight and a laser pointer because everything is better with lasers! Is this weapon, hunting gear, fishing “rod” remotely useful? I have no idea but it looks fun and will be a conversation starter with your buddies on your next outdoor adventure. Head over to Amazon where you can buy one for $93.88.

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6 thoughts on “This is the craziest slingshot you’ve ever seen!”

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  2. the reel is probably for use with a “fishing” arrow

    this is a long way from a coat hanger and rubber bands
    as kids that how we made ours…the hanger might bend but not snap like a forked branch

  3. I own something similar (tho much cheaper both in price and quality) You have no idea how useful these can be when running cable in rafters. You can use the fishing line and weight to launch across an attic over the rafters, then attach your cable and reel it back in, pulling cable with it.

  4. Overbuilt gimmick! If you want to see a well-designed multi-function slingshot, check out Simple-Shot’s Hammer. It shoots round ammo and arrows. You can shoot it w/ a wrist brace or without. There are even 2 different fork designs and 2 different grip designs. It is designed to shoot flat bands for round ammo, which are more efficient.

    We are in the middle of a great slingshot renaissance with all sorts of models to choose from. Hit me up if you want to learn more about slingshots.

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