Unihertz TickTock Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone review

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CROWDFUNDING REVIEW – And the beat goes on!! Yes!! here I am testing and reviewing yet another Android smartphone, but this Unihertz TickTock Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter comes with a twist. Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The Unihertz TickTock Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone features a dual-screen and fast 5G connectivity. It features a 1.3″ sub-screen with which you can answer incoming calls, check notifications and messages, listen to music, etc.

What’s in the box

1 x Unihertz TickTock Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone
1 x AC Adapter and USB-C Cable
1 x USB-C Audio Adapter
1 x SIM Card Ejector

Design and features



The front of this phone features a nice large screen with the camera and earpiece at the top. on the back, there is the sunscreen and the rear cameras. The controls are on the 2 sides along with the SIM card tray on the left side, and the USB-C charging port is at the bottom.


To start things off, I used the pin ejector to remove the SIM card cover and install the SIM card.

Once I powered the phone, I placed it next to my previous phone and went through the normal Android file copy process. I won’t bore you with these details since they are the same as all of the Android phones that I have tested. During this process, I set up the fingerprint and face unlocking features.

The twist: There is a subscreen on the back of this phone that not only allows you to view the time from a selection of watch faces, but also control a pre-selected music app and see notifications. The settings suggest that it can be set to be always on when the main screen is on or to work independently.

The lower red button on the left side activates the sunscreen is you set it to work independently in the settings. Just so that there is no confusion, the red button above it activates the flashlight on the back with one long press, and with 2 quick presses, it takes a screenshot. (Just in case I sound a bit tentative, this phone is an early release for review so it did not come with a manual).

If the subscreen is off, you can also activate it by double-tapping on it.
Here it is in action: (My big fingers struggle at times. LOL)


Sample photos using normal and Pro profiles:
First the selfie:

Other shots:

Here are some sample videos:
Video footage without (EIS) Electronic Image Stabilization:

Video footage with (EIS) Electronic Image Stabilization:

Call quality/Audio quality:

Phone call quality is great for both parties on the line. I have used this phone daily as my business phone, and have never experienced any issues including no dropped calls. The volume for media is also good including levels and clarity.

Overall this is a really nice phone that is well built and performs well in just about every category. The fingerprint and face sensors for unlocking work well,  and the touchscreen responsiveness is flawless. The battery life is fantastic. When in standby mode it still has over 75% even after 3 days, and it still received the occasional phone call in between. When being used, I can get more than 2 days of use before I charge it, and even then the remaining life is over 40%. Please keep in mind that I am referring to my use habits which while frequent could be more or less than any other user.  The only negative would be if you are looking for a slim phone which this is not. But, IMHO, the subscreen is a nice feature to have.

What I like

  • The build quality
  • The screen resolution and overall quality of the screen
  • The very responsive touchscreen
  • The virtual touch feedback
  • The size of the phone
  • The sunscreen
  • The audio volume available
  • The call quality
  • The photo and video quality

What I’d change

  • I would like it to be a bit thinner if possible

Final thoughts

This phone is large and chunky and not for the person looking for a slim and thin phone. otherwise, it is well built and works well in just about every way. the sunscreen on the back is not only attractive but functional and the camera takes nice photos. the video works well once the Electronic Image Stabilization is enabled. The virtual keyboard feedback is great and the face and fingerprint unlocking functions make this phone really convenient. Considering all of its functions and the unique design, I give this phone a well done.

Price: $279
Where to buy: Kickstarter page (shipping estimated in April 2022)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Unihertz.

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  2. I was scrolling through looking at it before I read the article, was HOPING that was a LARGE 1″ or similar camera element on the back of the phone. 😉
    As a camera guy, I can’t wait til they put something like a 1″ or 4/3 or (wishful thinking) APS-C sensor with a retractable lens.
    Samsung was close years ago with the galaxy zoom. 🙂

  3. Please could you explain the sunscreen? I don’t understand. Is there a shaded cover for the rear screen? Thank you

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