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Tacklife Jigsaw 30

REVIEW – If I have not done so before, I cannot stress enough the importance of having the right tool for the job. As a DIYer, I have accomplished amazing projects with relative ease because I have the right tools. If it performs as it should, this Tacklife Jigsaw is sure to be another “right” tool.

What is it?

The Tacklife jigsaw is a powerful multi-functional jigsaw that can be widely applied to various materials like PVC, plywood, vinyl planks, solid hardwood, aluminum, thin metal sheet, etc. It can be used for different cutting tasks such as curved, straight, bevel, or plunge cuts. It features a long cord (10 feet / 3 M) and comes with 6 blades (2 blades for metal & aluminum, 4 blades for wood & plastic) all in a convenient carrying case.

What’s in the box

Tacklife Jigsaw 31 x Tacklife Jigsaw
1 x Instruction Manual
6 x Jigsaw Blades
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x Jigsaw Guide Rail

Design and features


  • LED + Laser & Dust Extraction: Built-in laser guides your cutting line and LED light illuminates the front area, ensuring increased visibility and precise cutting even in dim light; Clear sawdust by using the dust blower or connecting the dust port to a vacuum cleaner for clear sight of cutting line and neat working environment.
  • 3000 SPM Power& 6 Speed Settings: 6.7 Amp pure copper motor generates up to 3000 SPM cutting power, delivering more powerful and efficient cutting performance; 6-position variable speed allows you to control the speed and accuracy of cuts and to tackle a variety of applications and materials with greater finesse.
  • 4-Position Orbital Action: 0 to 3 customized orbital settings allows you to adapt the cutting motion to fit different type of cuts and materials; higher orbital setting for softer materials and faster cutting; lower orbital setting for harder materials and more precise cuts.
  • 45°Bevel Cutting & Tool-free Blade Changing: Adjustable aluminum footplate enables the jigsaw to make bevels up to 45° both to right and left for more versatile uses like a tangent, beveling, or curved cuts; Quick release chuck allows for quick and tool-free blade removal.
  • Switch Lock Design & More Accessories: Press the lock button on the handle when the trigger is on can keep the saw working without keeping pressing the trigger, reduce hand fatigue after long time work; Come with 1 x sturdy carry case, 1 x rip fence, 1 x Allen wrench, 1 dust exhaust pipe, 6 x replaceable blades.
    Tacklife Jigsaw 1

Tacklife Jigsaw 2
This Jigsaw comes packaged in a nice storage/carrying case. It is made of what seems to be ABS, plastic, and metal. The buttons are conveniently located and there is even a connection for a shop vacuum to help to eliminate dust. See photos below.
Tacklife Jigsaw 5
Tacklife Jigsaw 6
Tacklife Jigsaw 7
Tacklife Jigsaw 8
Tacklife Jigsaw 9


This Jigsaw is mostly plug-and-play and offers a variety of features for flexible use. It has a built-in laser for following the lines that you want to cut, and up to a 45-degree bevel to angled cuts. You can also adjust the speed and the ability to change the blade without a tool makes it very convenient. There is also a connection for a shop vac to extract dust to help to keep things clean when cutting. This would be very useful if working in an enclosed space. For me, even in the dead of winter, I work outside with any tools that generate dust. The guide rail is easy to install, but I personally do not like to use a guide rail on any of my jigsaws. So in this case, I just work with the laser and my results have been great. Overall is a solidly built tool that I am quite sure will last for years.

Here I am cutting across a 12″ PVC board. I drew a line and then used the built-in laser light to follow the line to ensure a straight cut:

What I like

  • The solid build quality
  • The included accessories like the variety of blades and the cutting rail
  • The nice and convenient carrying case
  • The overall performance

What I’d change

  • It does what it is designed to do

Final thoughts

There are tons of Jigsaw tools to choose from and many have similar features, From my personal experience, not all are created equal. Some have balance issues, some seem to have internal vibrations and some have different features. I find that this Tacklife Jigsaw works well for my use and even though I am not the best person at freehand cutting, I can do so easily with this tool. I give it a well done!!

Price: $59.99
Where to buy: Tacklife Tools website and Walmart
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Tacklife.

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