Hungry? How about a canned PB&J?

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NEWS – The next time you are craving a sweet and savory treat, how about popping the top on a Candwich. That’s right, you can now buy sandwiches in cans. Strawberry or grape peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be exact. Each Candwich has one sandwich inside that offers 15G of protein, 56G of carbs (yikes), and 430 calories. They are definitely NOT healthy but how about adding a couple Candwiches to your camping gear to use as emergency rations. Candwiches stay good for up to 12 months at room temperature. Want some? Head over to Amazon where you can get 6 cans for $17.99

3 thoughts on “Hungry? How about a canned PB&J?”

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      1. I’ve had Goober Grape before. I think they formulated the consistency of the PB and the J to make it easier to simultaneously fill the jar. The PB seemed dry and the jelly seemed thick. Also, I like them in separate thick layers so Goober did not make an appealing PB&J sandwich.
        Looks like Candwich has them in separate layers, so that is a plus.

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