This flashlight makes your EDC a little lighter both figuratively and literally

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NEWS – The MT Torch Arc USB rechargeable flashlight from UCO Gear can light your path and it can light a fire with the built-in arc lighter in the tail cap. The flashlight features 100 lumens of LED light which isn’t super bright compared to some of the monster flashlights on the market these days, but the built-in lighter that never needs butane makes up for that. The sub $20 price tag also helps. Want one to lighten your EDC load or as a backup for your favorite lighter, then head over to where you can buy one for $19.99 and it looks like you can find the exact same light on Amazon for even less at $15.99.

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4 thoughts on “This flashlight makes your EDC a little lighter both figuratively and literally”

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  2. I have had this lighter for a few years and found it has a major flaw!! To actually use the lighter you have to get the thing you are trying to light directly into the electronic stream flowing between the 2 contact points. For a cigarette that’s probably fine, but if you are lighting a candle the lighter cover doesn’t allow you to get close enough to the wick to light it. The cover of the lighter only onpen 90° effectively blocking access to the electronic lighting stream to all but the smallest articles. If the lighter cover had a 180° hinge it would make it significantly more useful. As it is, I’d give it one star!

    1. I’m guessing it’s designed that way to prevent people from using it like a Tazer, not allowing it to rest up flush against well flesh.

      And I KNOW I’m not the only one that immediately thought that after seeing the sparky bits.

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