The UWERK UR-112 AGGREGAT watch looks insanely cool but you’ll never have one

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NEWS – Have you ever seen a crazier looking watch than the UWERK UR-112 AGGREGAT watch? It looks like something a race car driving, fighter pilot, superhero would wear. This watch is constructed of PVD-coated titanium and features a unique time display that has individual hour and minute rotating triangular prisms inside sapphire crystal cylinders that are protected with a latched hood. What does this bad boy cost? CHF 250,000 which works out to $273,971.00 USD. Whoa boy! That’s more than a quarter of a million dollars for a watch! I think I’ll stick with my good old Apple Watch. If you want more details, head over to UWERK and prepare to drool.

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9 thoughts on “The UWERK UR-112 AGGREGAT watch looks insanely cool but you’ll never have one”

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  2. “Hey Honey, you won’t believe what I bought today, it only took 30% of our retirement account”…….”Why are you looking up divorce lawyers?”

      1. I am old school when it comes to watches. You’d find the Uwerk in Beverly Hills on the wrist of that idiot ‘Lambo driver that cut me off on Santa Monica Blvd yesterday.

  3. “The sources of inspiration for this UR-112 are many and diffuse. The memories, the smells, the experiences during our travels nourish my imagination and are found in this creation. Found by subtle touch.”

    Wonder why it is so expensive? The watch includes $275k of ‘smells’ from his travels.

  4. Don't Bother To Reply

    Am IDIOTIC MONSTROSITY for MORONS with lots of money but shit for grey matter. Another senselessly stupid invention for invention sake.

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