This device helps you shave the back of your neck

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NEWS – If you have a very short hairstyle, you know that the hair on your neck can grow and look scruffy. That’s where the Scruffie comes in. This device features 4 individual razors on a flexible band that you can wrap around the back of your neck to shave those unsightly hairs. Another use for the Scruffie is to quickly shave your legs! Interested? Head over to and Amazon where you can buy one for $24.99.

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7 thoughts on “This device helps you shave the back of your neck”

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  2. Not sure if I would trust that the thing wouldn’t cut me badly or alternatively miss lots of hair. If I really felt that I needed to have the hairs on the back of my neck shaved, I would ask my wife to do it.

  3. Mark L. Ferguson

    I’m not getting exactly what problem is trying to be resolved with this device. I shave my head and with one single razor (Dollar Shave blades). I am able to shave my head, including the back of my head and neck. I haven’t at any time felt I needed multiple razors, like this device, to complete shaving. I personally think this would cause more issues and make the task just that much more complicated.

  4. This looks like a medieval torture device! Seriously though, look at all the spots missed in between blades and how the neckline in the hairstyle gets torn up with this thing. Not to mention how he has to go over it 17 million times because he has no leverage on the blades. Yes, it’s a pain in the neck (pun intended) to do yourself with one regular razor, but if you’re on your own you can get the job done quicker with better results with a little practice. I’ve got a cord-free trimmer and if you spot it at the hairline in the middle and then draw it down, you can get the back of the neck pretty cleanly in one go.

  5. Julie… I have a year-end suggestion for your web site.

    Like the occasional giveaway contests/entries on this site, have a vote for ‘Top 10 Useless Gadgets’. The neck shaver and shoe whistle would be up for consideration.

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